Apple in Your Eye

Apple in Your Eye

Whoops! New Apple Store Said to be ‘Almost Unbearably’ Loud

Now more hackable. (Photo: Monday Note)

At the end of October, Apple unveiled a new Palo Alto store. You’d think that a company famous for its attention to detail would lavish special care on a new showcase just a couple towns over from Cupertino. But while it sure is pretty, Apple’s latest, greatest glass temple to minimalism is apparently louder than the most ear-splitting high school cafeteria.

Former Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée stopped by recently, and he did not like what he found: Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Attention Walmart Shoppers: Employees are Smashing iPads in Aisle Nine [Video]

Service with a smile? (Photo:

You’ve always suspected stockroom staffers were a bit cavalier with the merch, and now, thanks to a couple of Walmart employees in Pikeville, Ky., you have video evidence.

“This is why you don’t buy an iPad from Walmart,” says the bespectacled dude who introduces this clip (found by The Next Web). We then see his colleagues hurling iPads across a rather large room. “I think the next one’s going to hit the floor,” he predicts, right before his buddy smashes one on the ground.  Read More

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Jealous Apple Might Not Approve a Google Maps App for iOS 6

Ex-Apple VP Scott Forstall (Photo:

All teenagers know that the best way to dethrone the popular kid is to not invite him/her to your party. Anyone needing proof of this needs only to look at the climax of Mean Girls, when Cady Haron doesn’t invite Regina George to her house party. Following that principle, it comes as no surprise that Apple, the akward new kid, might not give app store approvalto a new Google Maps app that works with iOS 6. Apple Maps is the newer and less popular kid at school and it wouldn’t want the homecoming king to come back anytime soon.

iPhone users can still bookmark the Safari page for Google Maps, but a standalone app would be better than any mobile web version, and definitely better than Apple’s flawed offering.

Keeping Google out might be good for Apple’s popularity, but is its inferiority complex hurting users? Read More

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Fortune Deletes Racist Portion of Its iPad Mini Live Blog: ‘Some Readers Complained About Ethnic Profiling’

Mr. Elmer-DeWitt (Photo:

This morning’s release of the iPad Mini saw crowds completely forgetting about the hurricane and lining up to score themselves a miniaturized version of their favorite fancy tablet. Apple beat reporter  was covering the release for Fortune/CNN Money. His online bio says that he’s been covering Apple for the last 30 years. He described the scene as such:

“Judging from the ethnic makeup of the queue in front of the big glass cube of Apple’s (AAPL) Fifth Avenue store, however, most of the customers who made the pilgrimage were coming from the environs of Chinatown.

Apple hasn’t yet said when the iPad mini will be available in mainland China, so there’s likely to be a market there for units shipped from the U.S.”

Since Mr. DeWitt didn’t cite a source supporting his Chinatown claim, it seemed like an . . . odd assumption. Read More

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Not Even a Blackout Can Keep New Yorkers From Buying Apple Products

Like this, but with less light. (Photo: Mac User)

Though lower Manhattan is still shrouded in darkness, some local businesses have stayed open, serving whatever’s left in the kitchen by candlelight. But restaurants and bars aren’t the only ones working to return some sense of normalcy to neighborhoods ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. Tekserve, the retail and service store for Apple products in the Flatiron, has remained open throughout the blackout, its customers illuminated only by flashlights. Read More

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The Apple iPad Mini: Familiar But Smaller, Lighter, Thinner [Video]

Apple’s unveiling of its new iPad mini launched in a sedate manner with CEO Tim Cook recapping the successes of iOS 6, the new iPods and the App Store, which has distributed 35 billion apps.

After Mr. Cook and Apple’s senior veep of marketing Phil Schiller introduced a new, lighter MacBook and a pair of thinner, lighter iMacs, there came the great unveiling of the iPad Mini.

Apple’s smaller iPad is the same–but different. Read More

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Tim Cook Apologizes for Terrible iOS 6 Maps, Doesn’t Even Mention Wifi Issues

Wealthy man, Mr. Cook (Photo:

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the meeting when Tim Cook decided a product he’d overseen was terrible enough to warrant a public apology. The (faux?) humility, the palpable disappointment.

In a letter published to the Apple website and addressed to customers, Mr. Cook apologized for the frustration that the widely-panned Apple maps has caused.

However, tech journalists everywhere are still waiting for an apology from Mr. Cook for having such a boring story dominate the news cycle, as well as giving Google a reason to act ever more smug. Read More

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Should A Broke New York College Student Upgrade To The iPhone 5?

Unhelpful map.

Holding the new iPhone in your hand on launch day feels really special. It’s dumb to say that, but it’s true. Eyes dart in your direction, you get smiled at by strangers. It’s kind of awesome. An Italian tourist approached us and asked, with a sparkle and a hint of desperation in his light blue foreign eyes, “How is it?!” Unfortunately, honesty compelled us to shrug and say, “eh, it’s okay.” He looked back at us like we stole all of his luggage and killed his first born.

The truth about the new iPhone is just that, it’s okay. It’s fine. But as a poor miserable college student who doesn’t make that much money, we wondered if it’s worth the upgrade? Let’s say you’re not a stat-obsessed freak and you’re not that addicted to upgrading–you’re just a regular iPhone owner. Is it worth it for you to make the switch?  Read More