Apple in Your Eye

Apple in Your Eye

All It Takes to Have Coffee with Tim Cook Is the U.S.’s Median Household Income

(Photo: CharityBuzz)

Look, Apple CEO Tim Cook is a busy guy. He does lots of important stuff, like announcing that there will be announcements in the future. His time is worth a lot. So CharityBuzz, an online charity auction, is hosting a very generous offer from Mr. Cook: people–rich people, specifically–can bid to have coffee with him at Apple headquarters. The “estimated value” of this presumably hour-long (tops!) outing? $50,000, which is just $2,762 dollars shy of the U.S.’s median household income. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

In China, Fake Apple Products Are an Acceptable Offering for Your Ancestors

(Photo: Technabob)

Every spring during the Qingming Festival, people in China honor their ancestors by cleaning and repairing their tombstones. Offerings are also made to the dead, typically consisting of food and drink, but because Chinese culture dictates that deceased relatives will need money and other material goods in the after life, many will also burn fake money or paper replicas of homes and cars as offerings. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Oh Good, There’s Another Steve Jobs Biopic: Funny or Die Producing iSteve

(Photo: 9 to 5 Mac)

Just this weekend we were sitting around wondering when exactly someone would create another Steve Jobs biopic. We already have the indie one starring Ashton Kutcher and the fast-talking, sure-to-be-sexist incarnation dreamt up by Aaron Sorkin. What we really need is a third one that can make fun of the other two.

Luckily Funny or Die has come to our rescue, announcing that they’ll be putting a full-length comedic biopic about Mr. Jobs online on April 15th. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

PSA: If You’re Gonna Steal an iPad, Don’t Text the Owner ‘Thanks for the iPad’

(Photo: Mac Observer)

There’s been a lot of news recently about Apple product thieves who are rather careless when it comes to their stealing tactics. If you’re going to steal an iPad, the first thing you want to do is probably disable iCloud, lest all your pictures get sent to the original owner. The second thing you want to do is to definitely not text the owner gloating about the fact that you stole their iPad. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Apple Is Hiring Funny Writers To Make Siri Into the Joke That It Is


A few days after Thanksgiving, some gangly punk tried to mug me as I stepped off the C train. My iPhone 4 flew up like a basketball toss and the screen cracked on the concrete. I managed shove him off, but short story shorter it was an excuse to upgrade and I am now the slightly lost owner of an iPhone 5 when Google Maps won’t load.

Naturally, the first thing I did after unboxing was fool around with Siri. Had Apple’s “intelligent assistant” inched any closer to artificial intelligence since it launched? Turns out, it’s still pretty easy to reach the limits of her utility, so the only thing left is to try to find questions that might serve up an Easter egg or human-ish response.   Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Apple Rumored to Be Developing iPhones in Colors You’ll Regret in Six Months

Kimmie! You should have waited! (Photo: Instagram)

Were you thinking of buying a new iPhone for yourself? Well, if you’re willing to wait it out, you might have a few more options with the release of the iPhone 5S. Barron’s reports that analyst Brian White is predicting that the company will soon debut a new line of iPhones–in glorious Technicolor!

This’ll be just like the time you bought that red sofa you now despise. There’s a reason HGTV is always harping on neutral furniture accessorized with “pops” of color. Read More