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App Economy

Over It: People Aren’t Downloading New Apps That Much

#NoNewApps. (Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

New apps: who needs ‘em, amiright? Sure, it seems exciting at first to be able to order pizza or determine what a mannequin is wearing all from the comfort of your iPhone screen, but ultimately, don’t we all just want to check Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram and be done with it?

A recent survey by Deloitte confirms that the average number of smartphone apps downloaded per month has been decreasing over the past year in the U.K., the Telegraph reports. Read More

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Foursquare Isn’t Building Tablet Apps, So Sony Built One With Their API

Zuck doesn't even think tablets are mobile.


Based on Foursquare’s estimations, the iPad will no longer stand alone in the tablet race. Foursquare finally created a tablet app, but has curiously designed it exclusively for Sony’s new Tablet S and P.

The strange part is, in May, Foursquare head of product Alex Rainert said Foursquare did not have the resources to develop an iPad app and would continue to devote its resources to enhancing the iPhone app experience instead. So why would Foursquare commit resources to a new tablet, instead of the market leader?

UPDATE: Dens replied on Twitter to let us know what went down. This app wasn’t built in-house by foursquare, but by Sony, using the foursquare API and their blessing. So foursquare is more a collaborator than a creator here.  Read More

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Watch the Uber-Emo Trailer for PostSecret’s New Smartphone App [VIDEO]

If you didn’t already hear about PostSecret’s soon-to-launched iPhone and Android app via its upcoming party at the Bell House in Brooklyn, then do we have the trailer for you. The site, which primarily crowd-sourced the new app, just released a video that looks like it could double as the background for a very emotional pop ballad.

“Everybody has secrets,” says the earnest voiceover. “There are dirty secrets, soulful secrets. Shocking, sexy, and silly secrets. There are secrets that might haunt you. And secrets that can heal you.” Basically there are just a whole mess of secrets, okay? Anyways, here’s the video. We have to go find somewhere to confess a secret about how a promotional video for an iPhone app gave us the chills. Read More

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David Byrne’s Idea of Art? Screenshots of Fake Apps from the App Store


In a sign of technology’s growing pervasiveness in the cultural ether, Boing Boing pointed us to an upcoming show at the Pace Gallery on West 25th Street will feature art from David Bryne that’s inspired, almost entirely by the looks of it, by Apple’s App Store. The exhibit called “Social Media” (naturally) says will it will focus:

“Contemporary artists exploring public platforms for communication and social networks through an aesthetic and conceptual lens. In an era of increasingly omnipresent new technologies, Social Media examines the impact of these systems as they transform human expression, interaction, and perception.”

Wow, that was almost as obtuse as business jargon. Just throw in a few strats and pivots and this could be a company bio.

So what would the App Store look like if Mr. Byrne was a developer? Read More

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Meet Blu Trumpet: The First Chick to Fly Out of IAC’s Hatch Labs


They grow up so fast, don’t they? It’s been just five months since IAC announced Hatch Labs, a “technology sandbox for mobile start-up”, as part of its push in into the new app economy.

Today the incubator has its first launch: Blu Trumpet, a  platform for mobile apps that helps publishers monetize and advertisers increase distribution. It’s already got IAC apps like Daily Beast and College Humor signed up as clients. Read More

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How to Sell Your Indie iPad App: Lessons From the No. 1 iPad App in the App Store

Mr. Capucilli.

Earlier today Betabeat posted a memo: How not to sell your indie iPhone game, a list of tactics that didn’t work. Matt Capucilli, a freelancer who lives in the East Village, built the no. 1 iPad app currently on sale. Video Time Machine, a curated collection of videos categorized by time period and type and just $.99, got picked up by Apple and featured in the App Store last Thursday. Since then, Mr. Capucilli has earned “what could be considered one person’s salary,” for an entire year.

The app beat out Angry Birds for iPad and the iPhone version is hovering at no. 2 in the entertainment category. “If we hit number one in the iPhone app store, it’s going to be over. Game over! Retirement!” Mr. Capucilli told Betabeat over beers at last night’s East Village Tech Meetup. Read More

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Foursquare Tries To Get More Check-Ins By Partnering With American Express


Foursquare just launched its largest partnership ever: a national deal with American Express. Cardholders check in at shops like H&M and Sports Authority to get rewards on their Amex card. Foursquare won’t get a cut of the revenue, but the New York Times says the company hopes to “attract other, more lucrative partnerships.” Deals also no doubt help put some of the sheen back on the concept of the “check-in,” especially now that it’s been co-opted adopted by Facebook and Google. Partnering with a credit card company is mainstreaming the kind of coupons and smaller deals Foursquare has long offered around New York, incentivizing check-ins in cities where seeing that your friend is at a bar or restaurant isn’t just a subway ride away.

What does American Express get out of it? Read More