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API Economy

Flipboard Flaked on Adding The Fancy; Here’s What It Would Have Looked Like

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The Fancy on Flipboard, which has not yet been released.

The popular iPad reading app Flipboard just announced integration with Google+, the latest service on top of Facebook, Twitter, Readability, SoundCloud, LinkedIn, and others that plug in to create the dynamic, customized digital magazine. But while the news tasted sweet to Flipboard, it was sour for one of Flipboard’s prospective partners: The Fancy, the social photo sharing and shopping app that is one of New York’s rising stars.

Betabeat obtained what appear to be screenshots from The Fancy for Flipboard, which has not been released. Flipboard allegedly commissioned the app in January, according to a source, and would have been The Fancy’s first API customer. The source speculated that Flipboard prioritized its Pinterest integration first. (Pinterest is a The Fancy competitor.)

Flipboard may still be planning to introduce The Fancy integration. We’ve reached out to Fancy and Flipboard for comment and will update if we hear back. (UPDATE: Joe Einhorn of The Fancy declined to comment on Flipboard, but he said The Fancy does have an API and is working with partners. Said Flipboard: “We think the Fancy is doing great work and hope to work with them at some time. We are heads down right now with several new  additions to Flipboard.”) In the meantime, check out what The Fancy on Flipboard would have, or will eventually, look like. Read More

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Aviary and Its API Saving 300+ Partners Some Serious Cheddar

Aviary's editor inside of Bigstock

What would it cost for a company to throw a photo editor into their mobile app? According to some of the partners working with Aviary, matching the effects they get from using their API would require quite the investment.

“I’d say it’s safe to estimate, to cover the range of options built into Aviary, it would take a good 4 to 6 months of dev time and then likely a single full time person just expanding the filter set, bug fixing and adding new stuff ongoing,” said Josh Lehman, Product Manager at OneLouder Apps, the creator of Friendcaster for Facebook.

That adds up to several hundred thousand dollars in costs. So it’s no surprise that Aviary, which produces a suite of simple, powerful photo editing tools for websites and mobile apps, has found a wealth of partners for its API and mobile SDK, now being used by over 300 partners after being released three months ago. Read More

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Foursquare API Turns New York Into Giant Game of Monopoly

Going to jail no longer a good strategy

As Dennis Crowley pointed out on Twitter yesterday, foursqaure’s robust API has allowed developers to create thousands of interesting apps that are running primarily and in some cases entirely off the services data.

We already told you about Fourcraft, which turned New York into a giant game of risk. Today it’s Foursquaropoly (tough name), which layers the basic principles of the classic board game Monopoly on top of Big Apple check-ins. Read More