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Antisocial Media

Your Crappy Mood Is Contagious so Thanks a Lot for Tweeting About It

I'm TWEETING THIS! (Photo: Getty)

Next time you feel like venting on Twitter or Facebook about how much you hate pumpkin spice lattes (you sociopath), keep in mind that you’re polluting everyone else’s moods with that bilious ‘tude.

Computer researchers have found that angry tweets or status updates are more influential than joyful or sad missives, Technology Review reports. They studied Chinese social network Weibo to get the deets. Read More

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Celebrate Labor Day by Cyber-Stalking Your Ex With This Handy New Program

Being mean. (Photo: India Current Affairs)

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have offered users the ability to tag their locations with each new post for a while now–and one group of researchers has created a tool that will allow people to use that information to their advantage by stalking the shit out of friends and arch nemeses alike.

The researchers say the point of the “Ready or Not” program is to point out to #teens that, duh dummies, people can read your geotags and follow you around simply by entering your username into an online program, according to Gigaom. Read More

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Science Says Facebook FOMO Is Real, Makes People Feel Like Crap

:( (Photo: Fav IM)

It’s official: Facebook reduces young people’s sense of well-being and satisfaction with life, BBC reports. Phew, we thought we were the only ones who felt a rush of inadequacy whenever perusing the site.

A study tracked participants for two weeks, and “adds to a growing body of research saying Facebook can have negative psychological consequences,” BBC reports. The site is supposed to make people feel more connected, but the findings suggest it does the opposite. Read More

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VIPs Only: Facebook Creating Celeb-Only App to Make You Feel Even More Inadequate

Stars, they're just like us (Screengrab: Facebook)

Just in case the country’s biggest social network wasn’t stressing everyone out enough already, Facebook is now developing an app that will only be available to its most popular members.

The app would only be available to the most important of Facebook VIPs, All Things D reports, and would enable stars (read: probably their flaks) to “quickly respond to fans on the fly, and become a part of the conversation,” which also sounds pretty stressful. Read More

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Go Phub Yourself: Terrible New Term Invented to Combat Tech Addiction

Srsly no sexting! (Photo:

Watching someone bail out on a real-life conversation to stare at their phone while they insist, “No, no, go on, I’m listening,” is really freaking annoying. Thankfully, a new term has been coined for the practice — “phubbing” — and Australians and Brits are fighting back against it.

Phubbing is defined on the initiative’s website as “the act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention.” It’s defined by us as, “the worst part of hanging out with someone under 50 years old.” Read More

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Put That iPhone Away Because It’s Making You Look And Act Like Quasimodo


If you think tapping away on your smartphone is making you look cool and popular, you are wrong, science says.

Per some researchers at Harvard Business School, people tend to hunch when they’re using small devices, which increases stress and decreases testosterone levels — affecting the way they act even after the devices have been put away and “causing [users] to be less likely to take risks immediately afterward,” according to the Wall Street Journal.  Read More

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Phone-Hiding Tablecloth Is Perfect For Diners With No Self Control

"See you in an hour or so, little buddy." (Photo:

Hosting a dinner party but afraid your friends are too boring and vapid to keep their eyes off their iPhones the whole time? Simply buy this tablecloth that includes zip pockets for holding people’s mobile devices, which they could just as easily keep in their pockets or purses the whole time!

The Zip It tablecloth ensures that guests’ mobile phones are kept far enough away from them that they won’t be texting throughout dinner, but not far enough to send them into full-fledged panic attacks. Read More