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Antisocial Media

Study: Too Much Tweeting Leads to Cheating, Breakups

It's basically just this over and over. (Photo via Pixabay, Ryan McGuire)

We’ve all convinced ourselves that our habits of constantly checking Twitter and broadcasting our every thought aren’t actually affecting any other areas of our lives. But a new study shows that maintaining an active Twitter presence could be bad for your romantic relationships, despite being totally awesome for your precious personal brand.

The research comes from the University of Missouri, where doctoral student Russell Clayton “found a positive correlation between Twitter use and relationship woes,” Mashable reports. He surveyed 581 adult Twitter users, asking them about their Twitter activity and how often they argue with significant others. Read More

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New App Helps You Avoid Your Exes, Or Just Stalk Them

Just leave the Upper West Side, basically. (Screengrab via Split)

The worst part about breaking up with someone is often running into them in public afterward. Do you pretend not to see them? Do you act like the bigger person and initiate a friendly conversation? Or do you passive-aggressively tell them all the amazing things you’ve got going in hopes that they feel inferior after you walk away?

A new app is trying to erase all these questions by eliminating unwanted encounters with exes — or with anyone you don’t want to see. Called Split, the app lets you select who you want to avoid seeing in public. Split then combs Foursquare, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for you, alerting you to where the undesirables are lurking. It also, perhaps inadvertently, will enable users to keep tabs on the ones they want to bump into. Read More

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Science Says Stop Texting Your Boyfriend Because It’s Making Him Miserable

She's pulling in a mill as we speak. (Photo via Getty)

Most millennials can’t even imagine a romantic relationship that doesn’t include texting (or sexting). How did our parents do it? Did they only talk once a day? Were answering machines involved? How did they arrange dates?

And most importantly, what did they snoop through when their significant others left the room?!

The answers to these questions can only be gleaned Read More

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Celeb ‘Instassistant’ Has to Be the Most Stressful Fake Job of the 21st Century

Rihanna and her "Instassistant" Melissa Forde in an Instagram pic. (

We civilians are insufferable enough when it comes to having our picture taken for Instagram: “not that one, my face looks fat”; “try again so I can tilt my left cheekbone about 45 degrees east”; “did you get my shoes? I don’t know why you keep not getting my shoes.”

So imagine the psychological trauma inflicted when a famous person–a person whose pictures actually matter–uses Instagram. It happens, and real people are affected. Phoebe Luckhurst of the Standard has coined a term for the sad person stuck taking famous people’s Instagram pics: the “Instassistant.” Read More

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New Gift-Giving App Will Help Remove Stress (and Personality) From Your Holiday Season

Just your average gold porcelain duckie for $85 (Photo:

Gifts are a great way to show people you care–if you have time to find, buy, wrap and send or give one. Now, a new app is streamlining the gift-giving process so that we can show people we give a shit when in reality, ehhhh we don’t really give a shit.

The app, Bond, enables its users to swipe through a bevy of gifts arranged by price–under $50, under $100, under $250 and “Splurge,” because spending $50+ on a gift for someone when you can’t even be arsed to go to the store for them isn’t enough of a splurge. Read More

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Only 5.2% of People Are Digital Natives So Calm Down

Besties. (Photo: Getty)

People love to grumble about how Twitter and Instagram are ruining society and making ppl 4get how to express themselves. Well, it turns out, only 5.2 percent of people in the world are actually considered digital natives, so just chill.

A digital native is defined in this report as “a youth who has five or more years’ experience using the Internet,” the Register reports. Cool how such a small proportion of the population can terrify almost all of the world’s Olds! Read More

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Phantom Phone Vibration Syndrome Is Making Us All Feel Insane

No, there's no one on the other end, you nut.

Remember your first BlackBerry? Remember the creepy feeling that it was vibrating in your pocket when it wasn’t even in your pocket, but instead was in the other room?

Well, it turns out you had an actual condition, a syndrome no less. And phantom phone vibration is still being experienced by lots and lots of people, including 90 percent of college undergrads who took part in a study in 2012, NPR reports. Read More