Colorado Town Might Allow Citizens to Shoot Down Drones

A drone these people think that's flying over them. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Citizens in a small Colorado town have come up with a completely sane response to the impending drone wars: If you see something, shoot something.

Phillip Steel, a member of the Deer Trail town board, is proposing an ordinance that would hand out “drone hunting licenses” for those petrified of the unmanned flying vehicles taking out their lives that would allow holders to shoot the drones down. The year-long license would cost would-be drone hunters $25. And, as he told KMGH-TV, he’s already got a slogan for it — “They fly in town, they get shot down.” Read More


Business Insider Might Not Make a Mint, But Henry Blodget Is a Hell of a Hype Man

YO. (Photo: TechCrunch )

File this one under ‘second acts in American lives': This week, Business Insider honcho Henry Blodget gets the New Yorker treatment (subscription only, you cheap bastards), with a profile by none other than the bold-faced Ken Auletta. Sure, he’s still banned for life from the securities business (for now!), but being written up by Mr. Auletta ain’t too bad as a life consolation prize. Read More