10 Things You Need to Know About Amazon’s New Fire Phone

A new cellular phone. (Screengrab via Amazon)

When we heard the news of the Amazon Fire phone this afternoon, our first thought was, “Oh, good, another black rectangular smartphone made by a way-too-powerful tech giant.”

Then we read the specifics, and, okay, this phone is pretty cool. Not cool enough for us to trade in our iPhones just yet, but it’s tempting, at least. So here are the 10 most important facts we learned about the Fire today: Read More


Jeff Bezos Wants Your Advice on How to Run a Newspaper, Plz

MWAHAHA! (Photo:

Amazon founder, CEO and bajillionaire Jeffrey P. Bezos casually purchased the Washington Post for a cool $250 million not too long ago, and now he’s soliciting advice on what to do with such a decrepit artifact.

Mr. Bezos has been out press-pimping the new Amazon Fire, which, at $379, is the perfect Christmas gift for the whole family. This led him to the Today show, where he mused, “Someday … I think printed newspapers on actual paper will be a luxury item, sort of like how people still have horses but it’s not their primary way of commuting to the office.” Read More


And the Most Respected Corporation In America Is… Amazon?

MWAHAHA! (Photo:

It appears that people just really, really love deep discounts and free shipping. Wired reports that, according to a new Harris Interactive poll, Amazon is actually the number-one most respected company in America. Apple, Disney, Google (?!) and Johnson & Johnson made up the rest of the top five.

Amazon apparently “trounced” Disney in the category of emotional appeal, which makes us wonder whether everyone has just forgotten how much we all cried during the movie Dumbo.

Even the people who ran the poll sound astounded that Amazon took home the top prize:  Read More


Small Retailers Realize Amazon Probably Has Its Own Agenda

No way do we want Mr. Met in our bedroom. (Photo: Amazon)

Amazon’s marketplace for third-party sellers can provide a major distribution boost for small retailers. But, as the Wall Street Journal outlines today, selling through the ecommerce goliath comes with a cost. Some retailers are claiming that Amazon basically uses the platform as means of figuring out what to sell and how much it should cost.

Shocker: The Internet’s very own Wal-Mart isn’t wholly a friend to the little guy. Color us dumbfounded.

For example, one small retailer started selling plush NFL mascots (adorably dubbed “Pillow Pets”) in the marketplace. They were doing a pretty good business, until Amazon started stocking them at the same price, and as a featured product.

“I tried lowering the prices, but Amazon would always match my price or go lower until I eventually gave up” competing on price, says the owner. Yeah, out-cost-cutting Amazon probably isn’t going to work.  Read More