Almost Famous: The Stars of Social Media

Almost Famous: The Stars of Social Media

Q&A: YouTube Star ‘Shoenice’ Chugs Deadly Amounts of Liquor for Fame

A typical day in the life of Shoenice. (Screengrab: YouTube)

The YouTube sensation known as Shoenice has proven that shock factor can still get you to the top. He’s achieved Internet fame by filling his channel with eating and drinking stunts that leave viewers with their jaws on the ground.

In his three years on YouTube, Chris Schewe has uploaded more than 550 videos, the vast majority of which showcase his outrageous stunts that could be fatal for others. The most popular videos are his alcohol “slams,” wherein he downs entire bottles of liquor in seconds. From the comfort of his own home, he’s slammed a bottle of Patrón (14 seconds), a bottle of Everclear (15 seconds), a small bottle of Bacardi 151 (6 six seconds) and four Jegar bombs (33 seconds) among many, many more. He’s also eaten condoms, a tube of painter’s caulk and Kim Kardashian. Read More

Almost Famous: The Stars of Social Media

Teen Looks Cool in Flannel, Amasses 130,000 Instagram Followers

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 13.33.45

When I was in middle school and high school, the popular kids’ followers were their less cool classmates. To be considered cool, you just needed your classmates’ seal of approval. You were cool or you weren’t; it wasn’t quantifiable.

Now, though, the Seth Cohens and Aaron Samuelses of yore have nothing on teens like @SpencerGoulding. Not only is he young, good-looking and stylish — he also has 130,000 Instagram followers endlessly praising his every digital move.

We haven’t been able to glean what, exactly, got him to his coveted spot as one of the most-followed teens on social media, and he didn’t respond to an interview request. So let’s do a deep dive and try to figure this one out. Read More

Almost Famous: The Stars of Social Media

These Instagram Witches Will Turn Your Feed Into a Chic Digital Seance

All of them witches. (Photo via Alex Jackson/

Most of the photos in my Instagram feed fall into the same categories. There are the selfies, the brunch pics, the found objects with ironic captions, the blurry group shots intended to induce FOMO. They seem like authentic displays of real life, but we all know they’re meant to enhance public opinion of the people posting them.

I say this as someone who uses Instagram for that exact purpose: it can get boring. You start wishing your friends would use their iPhone cameras for art or daydreaming or anything but self-preservation. Read More