Alley vs. Valley

Alley vs. Valley

Facebook’s New Hipster Campus

ace hotel steps

The New York Times reports on the campus Facebook is building in Menlo Park. It’s going to be an “an urban streetscape,” with bits and pieces designed by small design shops like New York’s Roman and Williams, the firm behind hipster start-up hangout Ace Hotel. Facebook wants “casual eclectic,” according to an exec. Read More

Alley vs. Valley

“I’ll Be Back,” Says New York Founder Who Ditched Alley for Valley

Sam Rosen, Speakergram

New York expatriate Sam Rosen works on the top floor of the tallest building in Mountain View, California, surrounded by Silicon Valley landmarks. Facebook is up the road, Apple is in the other direction, and the Googleplex is to the east. It’s been more than a month since foul-mouthed superinvestor Dave McClure—a member of the Valley “PayPal mafia”–invited Mr. Rosen to join his incubator, 500Startups, after a serendipitous meeting at General Assembly.

The Valley is beautiful, Mr. Rosen says, and he’s had more exposure and mentoring for his start-up than he ever could back home. But he doesn’t plan to stay. The founder plans to defy convention by moving back to New York after incubating his start-up on the West Coast, and he’s starting to think he might be part of a trend. Read More