Alley vs. Valley

Alley vs. Valley

The Nice Thing About the West Coast Is There’s Just So Much Space for Mansions

via Curbed.

In honor of the Zynga-enriched Pincuses, who recently closed on a $16 million Pacific Heights pile described as “very massive, very Old Money,” Curbed has an envy-inducing little roundup of swank mansions belonging to wealthy West Coast techies.

Suddenly, the Valley as tech nirvana makes more sense than ever. Not since the Gilded Age has it been possible for even the wealthiest robber barons to lay claim to this much space in Manhattan.

The new home of Mark and Allison Pincus is not merely spacious but just about as historic as you can get out in California, short of moving into a Spanish mission: Read More

Alley vs. Valley

Is New York’s Startup Scene a ‘One-Trick Pony’?

Not exactly a shutout, is it? (Graphic courtesy of CB Insights)

The latest CB Insights report on venture capital investment just dropped, and we’ve spent the morning digging into the data. Local entrepreneurs might want to sit down, because this is gonna sting a little.

Overall the quarter was a big one, with 812 deals adding up to $8.1 billion. The report points out that’s the biggest single quarter since the dot com days. (And what with Digg and Yahoo dominating the headlines, you’d be forgiven for getting a little confused on the year.) Seed stage investments made up 22 percent of those deals, which fits with our anecdotal sense that startups are springing up like mushrooms after a rainstorm.

In terms of deal volume, New York held onto the number-two spot for the second quarter in a row. A big part of that is digital: The report calls California and New York a “two-headed monster on the internet front,” and points out that “larger funding deals enable Florida and Washington to challenge Massachusetts for the #3 spot.” Read More

Alley vs. Valley

A Roundup of New York Times Articles Hyping the NYC Tech Scene


The New York Times published a new technology feature yesterday which elucidates what readers of Betabeat probably already know: guys, tech is booming in New York.

This is, of course, in part due to our proximity to the media, fashion and finance industries. But New York is also the victim of Silicon Valley’s vice grip on the pool of talented engineers. We were unsurprised by the Times‘s findings, not only because we report on similar trends here at Betabeat, but also because the paper of record has written this story “at least 18x,” Skyped one Betabeat writer. Read More

Alley vs. Valley

Engineers from Foursquare, OMGPOP and Facebook Make the Case for NYC as an Engineering Hotspot

TC Disrupt NYC 2012

After a Southern-inspired lunch of sloppy joes, potato salad and cornbread, the attendees of TechCrunch Disrupt NYC filtered into the auditorium of a spacious pier building on the West Side Highway for another set of panels. Jason Kincaid, formerly of TechCrunch, took the stage with Foursquare’s Harry Heymann, OMGPOP’s Jason Pearlman and Facebook’s Serkan Piantino to discuss whether or not the East Coast is indeed the “best coast” for engineering.

“It’s sort of a silly name,” opened Mr. Kincaid, playing politely to both sides. “I think both coasts are very nice.”

He then asked the panelists whether hiring engineers in New York is particularly hard due to the fact that many of them are drawn to the glitz and cashmoney of the finance sector. Read More

Alley vs. Valley

Pro-Tip from Silicon Valley: Skip the Hipsters and ‘Hire More Fat Guys Who Know C++’


Look around your office. What do you see? A bunch of trim, friendly dudes in plaid shirts idling at standing desks, tweeting @coworkers, and interacting with other humans IRL? If so, that needs to be rectified. Immediately, advises Michael E. Driscoll, CEO and cofounder of Metamarkets and founder of Dataspora. On Mr. Driscoll’s blog recently, he extolled the benefits of staffing up from “The Secret Guild of Silicon Valley.”

Mr. Driscoll’s hiring theory was inspired by the wisdom of a friend, LinkedIn engineer Jay Kreps who tweeted, “Startup advice overheard: you have too many hipsters, you won’t scale like that. Hire some fat guys who know c++.” Read More

Alley vs. Valley

Hey California, New York Is Coming For Your Greentech

Mr. Bloomberg. (Twitter)

Greentech is so firmly associated with the West Coast, we’re not even going to bother with the jokes about hippies and solar panels. But if Mayor Michael Bloomberg has anything to say about it, that’s not going to stay the case. Today the mayor presided over the opening of energy-efficiency software company Efficiency 2.0’s snazzy new Flatiron offices (in the same building as Tumblr, no less), where he made it clear that New York City’s tech scene will not be ignoring the cleantech market, thank you very much. Read More

Alley vs. Valley

Engineer Chooses Alley Over Valley Because NYC Has More Ladies

Mr. Miller, pimp.

The “I’m moving to New York” letter has become quite a genre as of late, and recent UT-Austin graduate Mike Miller decided to hop on the bandwagon with a post outlining the reasons he’s packing up for the Alley instead of the Valley post-college. Sure, there’s more diversity and less of a commute, but you know what Mr. Miller is really looking forward to in New York? Meeting all you single ladies! Read More