After the Storm

After the Storm

A Deluge of Powerstrip Porn as Sandy’s Victims Huddle Around Charging Stations

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Some scenes were outright chaotic.

As New Yorkers stumble northward in search of working outlets, the whole city is seeing spontaneous outbreaks of cooperation. After perusing social media feeds, we feel safe declaring this the week that everyone learned to cowork: one guy shows up with an extension cord outside of a Starbucks, and everyone clusters around politely to get their mobile devices working again. And then, with their newly juiced devices, they’re taking pictures of their setups.

And so behold, disaster porn’s geekier cousin.

After the Storm

For the Love of God, Someone Hack the Commute

Welcome to gridlock hell. (Instagram/sarahtonein)

The worst of the weather has passed, and it’s time for many New Yorkers to start getting back to work. Only, with the subways and many of the tunnels out of commission, anyone attempting to get from point A to point B is dealing with a traffic disaster unseen since the days when horse-and-buggies clopped their way down Fifth Avenue.

Which is why someone–or hey, multiple someones! Let’s convene a hackathon!–from the tech community needs to step in and hash out a useful service to help us navigate this hot mess. Read More