advances in technology

advances in technology

Groundbreaking Piece of Important New Technology Identifies Sarcasm in Internet Comments

Could have just hired her. (Photo:

Sarcasm flows freely through the Internet like a cheap glass of wine gushes through Kathie Lee Gifford’s body, but to the uneducated it could be hard to identify.

Spotter, a French software company, has developed a piece of software that identifies sarcasm in Internet comments so now you’ll actually know if your fellow Reddit users think your link is interesting or not. According to the BBC, the software uses an algorithm-based pattern that combines users’ linguistics, semantics, and heuristics to identify sarcastic comments with an 80 percent accuracy rate. Read More

advances in technology

Netflix Introduces Max, a Virtual Assistant That’s Going to Guilt You Into Watching Scandal

Ugh, hi Max. (Photo: YouTube)

Reed Hastings’ imagineer streaming factory Netflix is releasing a virtual assistant named Max to keep reminding you that Mad Men is available to watch. Max is a nagging on-screen guide that talks (and presumably judges) you. It recommends cool digital content to consume by surveying you about your mood and previous things you’ve watched.

It’s like if Clippy became moribund with mono and couldn’t muster up the strength to leave the couch. And the font is ugly. Read More

advances in technology

Screw Snapchat: Privatext Promises It’ll Actually Delete Your Sexts

No dancing ghost on Privatext.

With the revelation that the government knows who you’re texting and that Snapchat’s dissolve feature is a bunch of baloney, it’s hard out there for anyone to share their friend’s secrets (or sexts) with others. Take comfort in the fact there’s finally a solution thanks to a new app called Privatext, an app that promises to actually work in wiping out your messages.

Compared to Snapchat’s technology, which rivals that of a toy in a Happy Meal, Privatext delivers both picture and text messages using end-to-end encryption to ensure it can’t be copied, saved or intercepted. It is out today for free for iOS with Android and Blackberry versions coming soon. Read More