Ad-Tech Immersive Labs Channels Minority Report

minority report

Most of the start-ups pitching at TechStars NY demo day began by identifying a concrete problem that they were tackling: renting an apartment in New York or connecting co-workers at a big company.

For Immersive Labs, the challenge was to bring to life the kind of interactive advertisements that exist in the realm of science Read More


KBS+P Adds New Hire and New Investment

taylor davidson

Taylor Davidson was working on a mobile wallet ten years ago, building a system to put PayPal onto people’s PalmPilots. “I was trying to do intelligent apps for smart phones before the technology totally existed,” he told Betabeat by phone. “Now you can see the explosion of this stuff because the technology has caught up with the ideas.” Read More


ThinkModo’s Goes Worldwide Viral With Latest Hoax


“We’ve had hits before, but this is a grandslam,” says James Percelay of his firm’s latest video exploit, a short film purporting to show a man hacking the video screens in Times Square. “We hit a million views in 72 hours and became the number one most tweeted video, currently the number one viral video in 50 countries around the world.” Read More


Social Media’s Tentacles Have Grasped Jon Bond

The long arms of social media have embraced Jon Bond

Longtime advertising executive Jon Bond has joined the social media marketing agency Big Fuel Communications as CEO, showing that even veterans of Madison Ave. are betting on the marketing powers of Facebook and Twitter.

Social media marketing got a boost after Old Spice shook heaven and earth with a series of YouTube Read More