According to McAfee

According to McAfee

John McAfee’s Chances of Appearing on House Hunters Ruined By Stalking Complaint from Landlord

Mr. McAfee (Photo: File)

John McAfee is having a no good, very bad week. The anti-virus software creator has been slapped with a civil stalking complaint and has reportedly been evicted from his Portland, Ore. apartment. 

The complaint comes from Connor Hyde, the former property manager of Mr. McAfee’s apartment complex. According to filings, the international man of mystery had access to weapons, an armed bikers club and sent threatening emails to Mr. Hyde because he was mad about HOA fees that the managers were allegedly letting people in to party in empty condos.  Read More

According to McAfee

Only John McAfee Can Save HealthCare.Gov Now

The face of expertise. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

America is in crisis., the portal we’re supposed to use to sign up for health insurance, has been plagued by technical problems since its Oct. 1 launch. And so like Princess Leia carrying a desperate appeal to Obi Wan Kenobi, the GOP-controlled House Committee on Energy and Commerce, responsible for “overseeing” Obamacare, has reached out to an unlikely hero: International man of mystery John McAfee.

Or so says CNBC, anyway. Read More

According to McAfee

John McAfee Keeps it Weird with New Video Mostly About the Dangers of Keeping a Harem

The man himself. (screencap)

It seems John McAfee has thoroughly settled into the under-employed swing of things in his adopted Portlandia. Today, Laughing Squid reports, he released another bizarre, semi-professionally produced YouTube video.

Admittedly, it’s tame compared to the last one. But make no mistake, between the soothing classical music and awkward green screen it’s still pretty weird.  Read More

According to McAfee

John McAfee Escapes Belize With Aid of Body Double, North Korean Passport


In the future, we won’t need tired spy franchises. The entertainment industry will simply sign up adventurous publicity hunters to create the type of reality viewing experience you might get if you crossed The Game with Total Recall and the Amazing Race.

And when that great day comes, who better to produce the show than John McAfee, the antivirus pioneer and self-promoter extraordinaire who has been publicizing his month-long lam from the Belizean police in blog posts, social media and interviews with the seemingly never-ending line of journalists to travel to the Central American nation seeking interviews.

The latest: Read More