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Beware the Artificial Accelerator

Paul Graham, YCombinator overlord. (

In the world of startup accelerators, TechStars and Y Combinator are arguably top dogs. Each receives thousands of eager applicants every year, and only accepts an elite percentage of companies into their inner circles. But of course, with the success of the TechStars/Y Combinator models comes a slew of copycat accelerators that may lack the credentials and experience to actually help their applicants. Read More

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Paul Graham: NYC Is More Important Than It Used to Be, But Valley Is Still the Center

paul graham

When the Y Combinator accelerator program was founded, sessions alternated locations between Cambridge and the Valley. But when Mr. Graham decided to settle in Palo Alto after his wife got pregnant, he decided he wanted his YC babies there, too. It’s just a better place for kids, you know? But today came the announcement: the first official Y Combinator meetup, a “hybrid of reception and conference,” in New York will take place in September.

The meetup doesn’t mean Y Combinator is going to open a New York branch the way TechStars (Boulder, CO) and DreamIt (Philly) have, Mr. Graham indicated, it’s just an introductory session to recruit more entrepreneurs into the program. If they decide to stay in California, that’s cool. If they move back to New York after demo day, that’s cool too. Read More

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First Episode of ‘This Week In TechStars’

In addition to its reality TV show on the Bloomberg network, TechStars is starring in a web TV show/podcast on the Jason Calacanis-founded network This Week In. It’s out of Boulder, not NYC. “In our very first episode of This Week in TechStars, we welcome Brad Feld of Foundry Group and Jeff Clavier of SofTech VC and finally Ari Newman, founder of Filtrbox. Each of these people has been involved in TechStars since it started in 2007. It is just under an hour long and covers the origins of TechStars, entrepreneurial ecosystems, and explores pricing dynamics.” Read More