3D printing

3D printing

In 2013, Investors Finally Figured Out That 3D Printing Is Going To Be Huge

(via Makerbot Industries)

3D printing has been talked about for years as a potentially groundbreaking technology, and it looks like investors finally got the memo. Funding for 3D printing companies in 2013 was 319 percent higher than the previous year, says a report on the CB Insights blog.

“Previously, consumers didn’t really know how to get things printed with their 3D printers,” CB Insights founder Anand Sanwal told Betabeat. “By having a growing marketplace to lead the space, the applications will be more clear and usage will have a lower barrier of entry.” Read More

3D printing

Military Vet Opens 3D Printing Store in Washington Heights

Mr. Castanos smiling for the camera in 3D Heights

Something really cool is happening in Washington Heights—like, a thousand times cooler than that random MTV reality show from last year.

Military veteran Jerry Castanos—who spent eight years in Afghanistan and eleven years, total, overseas—recently opened a 3D printing store in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Upper Manhattan, where he grew up. The store, aptly named 3D Heights, is located on Broadway between 172nd and 173rd Streets, and is run by military veterans and local community members. Read More

3D printing

Imagine That: Gartner Predicts Boom in 3D Printer Sales

All hail!

Hey, have you guys heard of this cool new thing called 3D printing? It’s pretty neat! That’s the word from the analysts at Gartner, who’ve just released a report predicting a boom in sales.

In the firm’s first report on the 3D printers cheaper than $100K (so, enterprise and consumer, but not industrial-grade), Gartner predicts the market will grow 49 percent this year, predicting a weirdly precise sales figure of 56,507 units; hit 98,065 in 2014; and follow that with a “near doubling of unit shipments in 2015.” Read More