15 Minutes Into the Future

15 Minutes Into the Future

Hey, a New Use for LinkedIn: A Viral Marketing Campaign for Prometheus

Faux Mr. Weyland in a faux TED Talk. (

Slightly strange emails from LinkedIn recruiters are nothing out of the ordinary. But writer and UX designer Dustin Curtis (whose work you might recognize) reports that he recently opened his email to one from a James Holm, claiming to be a recruiter from the Weyland Corporation. If that name sounds familiar, it’s probably from the exhaustive marketing campaign for Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s return to the world of Alien. Perhaps you’ve seen the trailer disguised as a commercial for their shiny new model of android; here’s another that’s a spot-on faux TED talk.

That’s right: Unless someone has taken his fandom way too far, it looks like the Prometheus marketing team is using LinkedIn to further its viral marketing campaign.

Mr. Curtis reproduced the entire email at his blog. And boy, is it deadpan: Read More