Facebook Faceoff

Sick of Crappy Midtown Lunch Options, Facebook Reportedly Relocating to the Village

770 Broadway. (Photo: NYC Office Space blog)

This would make for an annoying episode of Million Dollar Listings New York: Facebook is reportedly looking to leave its Midtown offices and head south to 770 Broadway. Crain’s reports that Zuck & Co. are negotiating to rent the seventh and eighth floors at the East Village building.

Facebook is currently leasing 150,000 square feet at its 335 Madison Ave. offices, which houses advertising and sales staff. However, as the company beefs up its New York operation with engineers and programmers, it’s probably outgrowing that space. The new office, which is in the same building as J.Crew, Aol and the Huffington Post, is 10,000 square feet larger.  Read More

It's a Zuck Zuck Zuck Zuck World

Mark Zuckerberg Looking Awkward Next to Celebrities

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Zuck with Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan

You know what happens when you get rich and famous? Suddenly, you get to hang out with all the other rich and famous people (and take pictures, and post them on–of course–Facebook). And given that he’s instantly recognizable, runs a hugely popular website, and has the net worth of a minor petroleum scion, Mark Zuckerberg is a member in good standing of this club. But here’s the thing–unlike movie stars and musicians and politicians, it’s safe to say Mr. Zuckerberg didn’t get where he is today on his charisma.

Hence, he spends a lot of time taking pictures with other famous people, looking awkward. Let us demonstrate, because it is a summer Friday and none of you were working anyway.

In the meantime, Mark, chill out. You are making us nervous.

The Social Network Effect

How Much Would You Pay for a Tour of Facebook’s Headquarters? Someone Paid $70 K.

The Facebook cafeteria features microkitchens and cuisine from as far as Belize.

When the New York-based charity auction site Charitybuzz offered a private tour of the 150,000-square-foot Palo Alto Facebook headquarters in the first week of July, just 23 bids brought the price up to $10,000, where it stayed for almost a month before it jumped $60,000 in the final day. And the tour doesn’t even include a meeting with the company’s infamous CEO–so you can rule out the monied wantrepreneurs who want to elevator pitch the Zuck. Read More

Tumblr Moguls

“Yo Zuck” Tumblr Gets Facebook’s Attention


How do you get Mark Zuckerberg’s attention? Irish web designer Youssef Sarhan did it by creating a new Tumblr called Yo Zuck! Implement This at yozuck.tumblr.com, a collection of his ideas for features and improvements for Facebook: video chat, group chat, a fix for broken video links, a site-wide online status indicator–all tricked out with animated .GIFs to show how such features would look.

Betabeat loved the Tumblr and so we tried to speak with Mr. Sarhan–but Facebook has already gotten to him. Read More