Booting Up: ‘Hey, the U.S. Totally Cyberattacked Us Too’ – North Korea

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Perhaps feeling jealous of China, North Korea is now accusing the U.S. of committing cyberattacks against it. [Tech in Asia]

We’ve reached the point where online programming could actually make a significant dent at the Emmy’s. House of Cards, anyone? [The Daily Dot]

Google Reader’s demise as a wake up call: what do we lose when we become so wholly reliant on a cloud-based app? [Slate]

More techies have stepped up to the plate to fight gun violence. Big name Silicon Valley investors have launched an “innovation and investment” campaign called Sandy Hook Promise. [TechCrunch]

Guns aren’t the only political issue techies are taking up. Zuck and others are working for high-skilled immigration reform. [Hillicon Valley]


Distrust of Facebook Now Demands a Help Page Dispelling ‘Common Myths’

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Reuters social media editor Anthony De Rosa pointed us to what appears to be a new section in Facebook’s help center which addresses the many commonly held myths about the platform. You know your brand is seriously distrusted when you have to devise an entire help section dedicated to dispelling the half-truths told about it.

The vast majority of the questions relate to privacy issues–the eternal thorn in the company’s side–and how Facebook uses the troves of personal data mined from its users. Some examples: Read More

Facebook Faceoff

Facebook Purging Fake ‘Likes’ as Promised


Facebook is finally following up on its plan to eliminate the phenomenon of fake page or profile ‘likes’ produced by malware or deception. As CNN reports, this has caused noticeable dips in likes on a number of popular pages, such as those for Lady Gaga, The Simpsons and Zynga’s page for Texas HoldEm Poker. We tried and failed to see if the page for Zuck’s dog Beast had taken a hit during the purge, but with 989,000 likes and counting, we think the adorable Hungarian Sheepdog can rest easy, for now.

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YSL Runs Out of Ideas, Creates Facebook-Inspired Eye Shadow

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Be honest: Facebook’s sleek blue and white color scheme is a fashion inspiration in your life. It is therefore only natural that you’d want to adorn your body with colorful evidence of your fandom.

Luckily, thanks to the French designer Yves Saint Laurent, you can now wear Facebook on your eyelids.

Starting July 19th, YSL will release 1,650 of their Facebook-inspired “Devoted to Fans” eye shadow palettes, featuring blue, purple, white and grey shadows. Read More