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Anonymous Groups Promise to Deface MIT and Department of Justice Websites in Aaron Swartz Op

(Photo: Slash Gear)

In a press release published to Pastebin last night, the hacktivist collective Anonymous announced its plans for the second phase of #OpAngel, an operation executed in reaction to the suicide of famed hacker Aaron Swartz.

Mr. Swartz, a champion of the open Internet, was integral to the creation of RSS and defeating SOPA/PIPA. Over the Read More


Booting Up: NASA Mohawk Guy is Back

Miss u (Photo: 1039 RXP)

Remember that Crazy Blind Date app from OKCupid that purports to set you up with someone who hopefully won’t kill and/or maim you for a night on the town? Turns out it accidentally exposed users’ email addresses and birthdays. Sucks for everyone who lied about their age! [Wall Street Journal]

Google is holding a developer event for Glass. If you paid that $1,500 to get a test pair of Glass, you’re in for a treat. [AllThingsD]

California Rep. Zoe Lofgren has proposed a bill that she hopes will be called “Aaron’s Law” aimed at modifying the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act which many say was abused in the Aaron Swartz case. [The Hill]

New MySpace seems kind of like it’s just a big ad for Justin Timberlake’s new song. [TechCrunch]

The awesome NASA mohawk guy is going to ride with a Mars Rover float in the Inaugural Parade, because America. [Wired]