tinder? but i just met her

Hilarious Tinder-Inspired Video Gets Funding to Become Full Web Series

Star-crossed lovers Whitney and Skye (Screengrab: YouTube)

People must like watching their worst dating nightmares play out onscreen, because the team behind the “Local Attraction” pilotthat hilarious video inspired by bad Tinder dates — has raised more than enough money on Kickstarter to fund the entire web series.

Connor Hines, who writes, directs and stars in the series, never expected “Local Attraction” to gain the widespread following it’s accumulated. But as the pilot episode started to draw in thousands of viewers — and then tens of thousands of viewers — he and his production team decided to launch a Kickstarter to turn the pilot into a high quality web series. Read More

According to McAfee

John McAfee Keeps it Weird with New Video Mostly About the Dangers of Keeping a Harem

The man himself. (screencap)

It seems John McAfee has thoroughly settled into the under-employed swing of things in his adopted Portlandia. Today, Laughing Squid reports, he released another bizarre, semi-professionally produced YouTube video.

Admittedly, it’s tame compared to the last one. But make no mistake, between the soothing classical music and awkward green screen it’s still pretty weird.  Read More

Video Killed the Radio Star

Let a Kid Named Pickle Davidson Regale You With His Wondrous Rap About the Internet

(Screencap: YouTube)

One day, in the near future, babies will be born with webcams implanted into their cerebral cortexes which allow them to automatically broadcast to the web every single mundane moment of their tiny baby lives. Until then, we have young YouTube users, who upload cute and quirky videos to the platform with the hopes of gaining more followers and perhaps a sliver of microfame. Read More