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Bad News, Bros: Woman Are the Tech Demo That Matters

This girl is your future demo. (flickr.com/littledebbie11)

Just because wisdom is conventional doesn’t mean it’s right, and just because dudes 18 to 25 are considered the prized tech demographic doesn’t mean it’s true. The Atlantic¬†dug up a recent talk by Intel researcher¬†Genevieve Bell, and it turns out that women are pretty much the customers you want to have on lock. And people wonder why Pinterest has a great big Scrooge McDuck-style cache of venture capital cash.

Ms. Bell has shared several interesting nuggets, including that women in Western countries use the Internet 17 percent more per month; they spend more time talking on their mobile phones (hold your stereotyped jokes, please); and they’re the biggest users of every social networking site that’s not LinkedIn. Also, “Women are the vast majority owners of all internet enabled devices–readers, healthcare devices, GPS.” Read More

Your Mama

Your Mom Is Probably Pretty Good at the Internet

If taken today, she'd be looking at an iPhone. (flickr.com/genealogyphotos)

It’s a pretty hackneyed tech cliche to wonder about whether “someone’s mom” will adopt a service. Seems like these days it’s not just tired–its underlying premise is fundamentally flawed. Nielson has just released a whole bunch of stats regarding American mothers and their digital doings, and it turns out moms are pretty into technology. Which you probably already knew if you’ve visited Facebook any time in the last two years. Read More