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Leave Hilaria Alone: Why It’s Okay to Instagram Your Yoga Selfies

HOW DARE YOU. (Photo via

You have to be leading a pretty charmed life if one of your chief gripes is the fact that Alec Baldwin’s wife is uploading yoga selfies on Instagram.

And yet, that’s exactly what a few NYC yogis did in the New York Post today. In the story “Celebrity posers have yoga world in a twist,” yoga instructors throw major shade at celebs like Gisele Bundchen, Kaley Cuoco and the aforementioned Hilaria Baldwin. And it’s not because these ladies have disparaged those who practice yoga — it’s because they’re partaking in it too publicly.

And it’s just one more example of critics crying “attention whore!” at women who dare to control their own images using social media. Why do they even care what goes on in another person’s Instagram feed? Let’s allow them to explain. Read More