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Kickstarter Hits 10,000 Projects With $60 M. Raised – Funding Accelerating Fast

New York’s finest funding platform, Kickstarter, has helped its 10,000th project secure backing this month. On July 6th a Toledo, Ohio-based band called Citizen raised $830 from 28 backers to produce a new seven-inch. This was $30 more than the band had hoped to raise and came mostly from pledges of $30 or less. It was micro-financing for creative expression at its finest. Read More


2nd Annual Film Fest Hints at Just How Disruptive Kickstarter Could Be

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Kickstarter is fast becoming the darling of DIY producers in multiple niches–comic books, zine makers, even restauranteurs and book authors. It’s enabled independent creators to fund their works–like Etsy, but for projects–and has already sent two five feature-length films to Sundance (plus some shorts, but Kickstarter doesn’t have a full count yet). But more than that it’s the True Fans: if the groundwork has been laid and a direct relationship has been built, your fans will assure you of that 94% success rate,” writes co-founder Yancey Strickler. Read More

The Start-Up Rundown

Start-Up News: Web Video OMG, Kickstarter Makes a Kickstarter, and Nodejitsu Doesn’t Need You but More Than 100 Start-Ups Do


The start-up week starts Wednesday:

VIDEO LAUNCH. General Assembly-based, launched by Vimeo alum Casey Pugh and Know Your Memester Jamie Wilkinson about a month and a half ago, is in public beta as of yesterday. The app, which creates a curated stream of video based on links your friends share on Twitter, Tumblr and the rest, has a better looking interface than TechStars-hatched competitor and more channels , verticals, or filters, whatever you want to call them–but unlike Shelby, doesn’t put emphasis on who exactly shared what. “Coming soon: mixtape-style playlists, an API for developers, and iPhone, iPad and Boxee apps,” the company teased.

Meanwhile, Blip.TV and YouTube are ramping up efforts to suck users into web television with the same enthusiasm previous generations had for television-television. Read More