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Rumor Roundup: Tumblr Takes Over NASDAQ and Jack Dorsey Will Sell You This Pencil Sketch for $1,000

Art. (Photo: Dorsey)

Jack of all trades If you recently moved to a new apartment and are looking for some non-Ikea works to spruce up the place, Twitter cofounder and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has just the item for you. The creative Mr. Dorsey has put a pencil drawing he did up for sale on Square’s marketplace. For just $1,000, you can own a 4-panel pencil sketch of a gingko leaf, appropriately signed by “@jack.” But you might want to wipe that sneer off your face: the proceeds go directly to Charity:Water, so we don’t think Mr. Dorsey will be launching a personal moneymaking venture as an artist anytime soon. Read More


Booting Up: Is Yahoo Nearing a Purchase of Another New York Startup?

He's in South Korea. (Photo:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg embarked on a weeklong whirlwind tour of South Korea yesterday. His meetings include President Park Geun-hye and officials from Samsung, so good thing he packed his suit. [WSJ]

Instagram founder Kevin Systrom spills on how he envisions an Instagram movie: “It’d be superboring, a 30-minute Lifetime special.” At least it would look pretty? [Fast Company]

Yahoo’s checkbook is apparently still open. The company is poking around Qwiki, a New York-based startup that created an app that turns photos, music, and videos into short films. The asking price is a reasonable $50 million. [AllThingsD]

Beginning today, AT&T will roll out 25 solar-powered charging stations across New York for people suffering from a drained cellphone. Now if we can hook up one of these 12.5-foot steel poles to a CitiBike… [New York Times]

The new version of Skype has a Snapchat-like feature. [Digital Trends]


Booting Up: Former Palm’s CEO Calls HP’s Purchase a ‘Waste’

Jobs/Kutcher. (Photo: ScreenRant)

“Talk about a waste.” That’s how former Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein described the purchase of the company from HP. As an aside, remember Palm? [Fierce Wireless]

Google is still the most popular search engine in the U.S., but Bing’s market share is rising. Microsoft’s site registered a 17.4 percent slice, compared to Yahoo’s 11.9 percent. [CNET]

Interns at Google are living the good life as they earn as much as $6,000 per month. That can buy them a lot of tickets for The Internship. [CNN Money]

Reddit is adding even more benefits for its Gold subscribers! The site is teaming with Uni Qlo to randomly select a member to receive a fancy gift from the Japanese clothing retailer. Hint, hint? [TechCrunch]

Get excited! Ashton Kutcher’s biopic Jobs is slated to be released August 16. [Entertainment Weekly]

Yahoo for Yahoos

Is Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo Splintering Into ‘Have and Have-Nots’?

Eeeeesh. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

As part of her attempt to drag Yahoo into the twenty-first century, kicking and screaming if necessary, CEO Marissa Mayer is heavily emphasizing mobile. (Because duh.)

But according to the New York Post, Ms. Mayer’s priorities have created a kind of class system within the Sunnyvale-based company. “It’s a bit of a have and have-nots situation,” according to one anonymous source.

The Post reports: Read More


Booting Up: Now Elon Musk Wants to Build a Futuristic Rapid Transit System, Go Figure

Mr. Musk, please take my money. (Photo via

After a steady stream of complaints about hacking and spam, BT (a.k.a. British Telecom) is moving its six million customers off Yahoo! email. [Telegraph]

“What we have concluded is that illegal enterprises — commercial child pornography, human trafficking, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking and organized crime — has largely moved to an unregulated system that is not connected to any central bank or national authority.” Yikes. [New York Times]

The guy who runs Google Fiber says Google Fiber will make money for the company. [CNET]

Now Elon Musk wants to build something called a Hyperloop, a futuristic transit system that’ll get you from L.A. to San Francisco in 30 minutes. Guess Mars is just too mainstream these days. [Business Insider]

Soft Bank Capital has raised a $53 million fund to invest in early-stage startups based here in New York. [AllThingsD]


Booting Up: It Was All a Dream, I Used to Read Word Up Magazine


Is Vine going to run into the same legal headaches as early hip hop? [GigaOm]

Searching for a framework to explain the conflict between wearable tech pros and opponents, Nick Bilton went with Dr. Seuss. [New York Times]

“They want teenage kids posting up all the stupid duck face photos that they litter Instagram and Facebook with. Because those teen kids, are ad revenue.” [Infinite Hollywood]

Speaking of Yahoo: The company has bid somewhere between $600 and $800 million for Hulu, because Marissa Mayer’s apparently got money burning a hole in her pocket. [AllThingsD]

The Internship is weird. “Google needs that now. This movie could help keep them out of the penalty box a little while longer.” [L.A. Times]

Hipster Rage

Vespa-Riding, Williamsburg-Residing Tumblr CEO Does Not Appreciate Being Called a Hipster

Hipstblr (Photo:

Call David Karp anything you want–high school dropout, sidecar sideshow–but the one label he won’t stand for is “hipster.” Unknowingly emulating the first rule of hipstersdom by automatically lashing back at the title, the 26-year-old Ludlow suit-wearingVespa-riding, Williamsburg-dwelling, brunch-loving chillwave Tumblr CEO was annoyed when ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos dared to call him that yesterday. Read More