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Yahoo’s $12.50 Bug Bounty Will Not Inspire You to Report Many Vulnerabilities

Some of the choices. (Photo : Graham Cluley)

Reporting site bugs to Facebook can earn you at least $500. Report one to Google, and you’re guaranteed at least $100. Just don’t go crying to Yahoo because you’ll be lucky to get a half-used gift card to the Hard Rock Cafe. Actually, that’s on the generous side. Someone reported an error that exposed a site vulnerability and received $12.50…that’s only redemable at the company store. Read More


Marissa Mayer Does Not Feel Bad About That Vogue Photo

Steve Jobs never would have pulled this off, but that doesn't mean it's not okay. (Screenshot:

When Marissa Mayer posed upside-down on a lounge chair in a form-fitting dress for Vogue last month like the boss she is, quite a few digital bricks were shat. But it appears the Yahoo CEO didn’t let the criticism get to her–although she admitted to not having read any of the 3,000 words that accompanied the photo.

At yesterday’s IAB Mixx conference, part of New York’s Advertising Week, Charlie Rose referenced “that Vogue cover,” at which point the always-modest CEO interrupted with, “It wasn’t the cover!” CNN Money reports. Read More


Booting Up: Do You Feel Good About Yourself for Letting Turntable.Fm Die? Huh?

The glory days. (Photo: is just going to keep taking away features until it no longer exists. [Valleywag]

You’ll get to see Mark Zuckerberg in a suit next week because the Facebook founder is travelin’ to D.C to meet with top Republicans concerning immigration reform. [Bloomberg]

Speaking of Mr. Zuckerberg, he huffed and puffed yesterday against the NSA’s spying program, saying the government “blew it.” [The Verge]

Marissa Mayer wants to thank your mom for helping Yahoo increase its traffic 20 percent since she joined. [AllThingsD]

“Apple testers have found the device sometimes doesn’t work with moisture-laden fingers covered in sweat, lotion or other liquids.” [Wall Street Journal]


Booting Up: Don’t Look Now, But Netflix Stock Is At An All-Time High

Eeeeesh. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer thinks the iPhone’s new finger print sensor is just the “coolest.” [Business Insider]

Fire Island is getting equipped with FiOS after Verzion’s plan of pushing its customers to a low-quality wireless service was met with blowback from residents. [The Verge]

Netflix stock hit an all-time high yesterday — $306 per share — so it’s like Qwikster didn’t even happen. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Twitter is killing second-screen television apps because, honestly, who needs them? [AdWeek]

Google just proclaimed passwords “dead” and that two-step authentication is the future. Or, fingerprints? [CNet]


Booting Up: Take This STEM Quiz and Enjoy Your AP Chem Flashbacks

Miss u boo (Photo: Wikimedia)

“Letting out a loud shriek, Mr. Ballmer fell to floor, hit his head and began bleeding above his eyebrow.” [Bits]

Why not terrify yourself at the thought of being spied on through your webcam and other connected devices? [Forbes]

After a pointless, month-long publicity stunt where the company ran through a new prospective logo every day, Yahoo! has finally settled on a redesign that’s basically a slight tweak. [Yahoo]

You can now pay $14.99 for a premium version of Path, which buys you “private sharing” and an “inner circle.” Isn’t that the whole point of Path, generally? [The Next Web]

Can you pass a high school science quiz?  [New York Times]


Booting Up: Sheryl Sandberg Almost Blew Up Yahoo’s Purchase of Tumblr

Going to miss you. (Photo: Giant Bomb)

The departure of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was neither “planned nor as smooth as portrayed.” How befitting of the company. [AllThingsD]

Amazon Web Services went down for an hour Sunday and crippled Vine, Instagram and AirBnB. [GigaOM]

This unauthorized biography of Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer sheds more light on the Tumblr purchase. Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg left David Karp a voicemail that almost curtailed the deal. [Business Insider]

Netflix wants to remind you again that its ratings are irrelevant, dammit. [LA Times]

Of course Google is designing “self-driving robo taxis” because not even Uber is safe from the search giant’s impending world takeover. [CNet]


Booting Up: Yahoo! Takes Up Residence in Another Newspaper Building

The Chron. (Flickr, by juliandunn)

After announcing they’d move into the old New York Times building, out on the West Coast Yahoo is relocating to the old San Francisco Chronicle, as well. [Bloomberg]

Next year YouTube will open a production studio right here in New York City. Also, mobile now accounts for 40 percent of time spent watching the site’s videos. [The Wrap]

Steven Levy, who gets so many behind-the-scenes stories we’re starting to suspect he’s actually a breaking-and-entering artist, tells of how the new Moto X happened. [Wired]

“But this data, and Quantcast’s, suggests that Tumblr’s presence on the internet, or at least a major part of it, isn’t growing, but shrinking.” [BuzzFeed]

Guess what? There’s a science fiction movie coming to theaters that’s got some actual science in it. [Fast Company]

RebelMouse, the NYC startup helmed by HuffPo mafia member Paul Berry, raised $10.25 in series A funding. [Wall Street Journal]


Booting Up: Tinder Briefly Exposed Users’ Locations Over the Weekend

Exposed. (Screencap: Tinder)

Tinder users’ locations and Facebook information were briefly available through a simple hack this weekend. The data was only exposed for a few hours, and the company says it wasn’t enough to put users in “jeopardy.” [Quartz]

Google is revealing a second generation of its Nexus 7 tablet. It’s expected to be priced at $229 — $100 less than the iPad. [WSJ]

Apple’s Q2 earnings beat analysts’ modest expectations on revenue of $35.5 billion so the company isn’t dead yet! [AllThingsD]

Time Warner, who previously tried to sue Aereo, is encouraging subscribers to try it out if its dispute with CBS happens. [Verge]

Yahoo is taking Flickr offline tomorrow for six hours for maintenance. [CNET]


Booting Up: Supposedly, Google Reader Is Dead Because No One Wanted to Take Care of It

On the next... (Photo:

Netflix’s Q2 subscription numbers were buoyed by the new season of Arrested Development. The streaming service added 600,000 subs and generated $1.07 billion in revenue, which met investor expectations. [AllThingsD]

Google Reader is dead but its autopsy is still not finished. The RSS service reportedly perished not just because of decline in usage, but no one wanted to take ownership of it because it simply wasn’t important to Google. [BuzzFeed]

Yahoo’s media exec Mickie Rosen is departing the company. She oversaw the commerce and content side of the business, including News, Shine and OMG and supposedly wasn’t a close confidant to CEO Marissa Mayer. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Facebook employees are remembering their chef Josef Desimone who died in a motorcycle accident. Mark Zuckerberg called him “energetic and driven” in a company-wide letter. [TechCrunch]

Tweets about the royal baaaby clocked in at 25,000 tweets per minute yesterday, plus the hashtag #royalbaby was used 900,000 times since last week. [Twitter UK]