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Marissa Mayer and Ryan Seacrest Reportedly Plotting World Media Domination

Eeeeesh. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

If Yahoo’s protracted revamp saga could use one thing, it’s reality shows. Apparently, Marissa Mayer might agree: she recently contacted Ryan Seacrest’s entertainment production company about “interesting business opportunities,” All Things D reports.

Ryan Seacrest Productions is responsible for Shahs of Sunset and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as well as radio shows and other mass media shenanigans, while Yahoo is responsible for news content, Flickr and your old email address. Read More


Booting Up: There Are Supposedly Now Four Google Barges Ready to Invade America

Google barge. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Apple CEO Tim Cook threw his support behind the Employment Nondiscrimination Act in an op-ed. “At Apple, we try to make sure people understand that they don’t have to check their identity at the door,” he wrote. [Verge]

There’s supposedly four mysterious Google barges (not three) with the latest rumor being that it’s to showcase Google X projects beyond Glass. Self-driving cars showroom, anyone? [Glass Almanac]

It’s going to take a lot more than redesigning flagship Yahoo products to save the company, employees grumble. [New York Times]

Google CEO Eric Schmidt called the NSA hacking allegations “outrageous” if proven true. [Wall Street Journal]

The YouTube Music Awards attracted roughly 220,000 concurrent views and sounded pretty boring. [AllThingsD]


Booting Up: Facebook Considered a $1 Billion Offer for Snapchat, But Instead We Got Poke

Testing, testing. (Photo: Getty)

On Saturday, the NYSE tested its systems’ ability to handle the demand from Twitter’s IPO to avoid the problems Facebook faced over at Nasdaq. [Reuters]

Yahoo is still figuring out how to position Tumblr as an advertising profit center, but all the porn isn’t helping. “It’s not high on our list,” said an agency exec. [AdWeek]

Netflix’s CEO said they might release “big movies ourselves” because they hate the theater experience as much as you do. [Hollywood Reporter]

Supposedly Facebook wanted to purchase Snapchat for $1 billion, which Evan Spiegel rebuffed. [WSJ]

Gather round and hear the tale of Feargal O’Rourke. Dubbed a “local hero,” he’s the architect of making Ireland a tax avoidance heaven for large tech companies, like Twitter. [Bloomberg]


Booting Up: The New York Stock Exchange Wins This Round

Can @Jack get a souvenir jacket? (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Twitter has chosen the New York Stock Exchange for its IPO. “This is a decisive win for the NYSE,” said the exchange’s head of global listings, rubbing NASDAQ’s face it in. [The Verge]

Glenn Greenwald is bailing on the Guardian for a new media venture funded by (wait for it) Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar. [Reuters]

Let’s everybody have a sad trombone for Yahoo! earnings. [AllThingsD]

Got a debit card? Then you can now email your friends money, thanks to Square Cash. [The Verge]

“While the collection is largely typical of the artist’s whimsical tongue-in-cheek work, there is one thing different about his latest creations: Banksy is sharing them on the social Web.” [New York Times]