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Tech Elite Avoid Looming BART Strike by Just Sailing to Work Instead

Your new ride to work?

Starting today, thousands of New York’s outer borough residents who work in Manhattan are commuting via ferry instead, because some clever person decided, yeah it’s totally fine to shut down the R train for a good little while, because nobody uses that, right? 

Thankfully, our good friends at Uber—sensing that San Franciscans might be jealous of New Yorkers’ sweet new aquatic ride—are offering Bay Area users a one-day opportunity to ride a swagged-out boat to work (just in time for all that BART strike talk). Read More


Booting Up: Now Bloomberg LP Has Its Own Venture Capital Fund, Too

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Has Google Maps ruined travel? (Only if your idea of a fun holiday is wandering the wilderness with only a compass and water bottle.) [Skift]

Bloomberg LP (which owns Bloomberg News) is launching a $75 million venture capital fund, because apparently that sort of thing is NBD now. [New York Times]

Forget over-sharing on the News Feed–teens are on Facebook to chat. [BuzzFeed]

The latest malware campaign to keep security pros up at night: NetTraveler, which in eight years has hit 350 “high-profile” targets across 40 countries. [Ars Technica]

Is Larry Ellison, lover of the high seas, actually terrible for the America’s Cup? [New York Times]


Rental Renegades

Airbnb for Yachts Is Now a Thing

Pretend to be Jay-Z and Beyonce, if only for a day. (Photo: We Got This Covered)

Not all of us can afford luxurious yachts on which to sunbathe and drink Moet and count our jewels, no matter how hard we wish to be Captain Larry Ellison. But a new startup in Athens, Greece wants to help everyone feel like a glamorous seafarer, if only for a day. Read More