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Vox Media May Open Their Coveted CMS To the Wider WordPress-Plagued World

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Every blogger, writer and reporter has a love/hate relationship with their content management system. If your professional life belongs to WordPress, for example, the woes of formatting overkill and half a dozen SEO fields have no doubt caused you to look up to the sky and ask: why isn’t there a better way?

Vox Media, the network of mostly profitable news sites that includes The Verge, SB Nation, Curbed and Vox, has its own coveted in-house system called Chorus. In a recent post about the future of blogging, Vox Media Editorial VP Lockhart Steele hinted that Vox could be preparing to open Chorus up to the rest of the publishing world: Read More

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Rumor Roundup: Allison Williams Talks Tech and Uber Aggravates Sundance Crowds

Allison Williams wearing a Windows '95 screensaver at the Apple Store SoHo. (Photo: Getty images)

Her? Apropos of nothing, Allison Williams appeared at the SoHo Apple Store last night to talk about acting while brandishing her gleaming white teeth. The SoHo Apple Store, you see, is in the midst of a Meet the Actors series for no apparent reason. What does Apple have to do with acting? We dunno. But it does qualify Allison Williams as a tech related entity for the day. Here are some tech-related anecdotes she shared, via The first one counts as #tech because the scene she’s describing took place at a fictional startup party and involves noted tech person Kanye West. Read More


Booting Up: Tumblr Users Are Freaking Out So Hard Right Now, You Guys

She's laughing at you, fandom. LAUGHING AT YOU.

“The inevitable next step is for Kim Kardashian to sit on the board of a tech start-up, host a global-poverty-awareness event and write a book on behavioral neuroscience.” [New York Times]

The tax man’s hanging round Apple’s door, and now Tim Cook is due to appear before Congress on the matter. [Telegraph]

For her science fair project, this teenaged girl invented a supercapacitor that could maybe, with further development, charge your electronics lightening fast. Everyone’s now feeling pretty bad about their baking soda volcano, huh? [Jezebel]

Matt Mullenweg says that talk of Yahoo buying Tumblr sent WordPress imports from Tumblr skyrocketing, from 400-600 posts per hour to 72,000 on Sunday. Of course, that could’ve just been one really dedicated porn reblogger. [AllThingsD]

Tumblr users are having a collective meltdown to rival The China Syndrome (only onetime Yahoo users are old enough to get that joke). [Buzzfeed]


Booting Up: Sheryl Sandberg is Leaning in on Women, Work and Leadership


Former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill once asked Sheryl Sandberg if she was a “pom-pom girl.” If Mr. O’Neill were alive today, the Facebook COO would tell him she’s “a pom-pom girl for feminism,” she writes in her forthcoming book [WSJ]

Talk about chutzpah. An Indian website plagiarized articles on medical research, then filed a DCMA request with WordPress to pull the originals down. [ArsTech nica]

Hewlett-Packard is planning on “taking full advantage” of Dell’s transition to a private company. [Deal Journal]

Somebody had to go and point out that zip, zero, not a single member of the billion-dollar startup club is based in New York. [Crain’s New York Business]

Jon Stewart on Vine: “Every time there’s a human advancement, it is used almost immediately for porn.” [AllThingsD]

It's All About the Bitcoins Is Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments

(Photo: Wordpress), which hosts close to 58 million blogs across the world, announced last night that it will now accept payments for upgrades via Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer digital currency. The blog hosting platform says its mission is to “make publishing democratic,” and because PayPal and other payment companies block access in a fair amount of countries, the company has decided to accept Bitcoin, enabling users without access to PayPal to still purchase WordPress upgrades. Read More


Squarespace Takes a Swing at WordPress and Tumblr with a Heartbreakingly Easy New Interface

Gorgeous friends not, to our knowledge, included. (Image courtesy of Squarespace.)

Finally, officially out: Squarespace 6, a complete rework of the web design platform that’s been around since the olden days of 2003. The beta has been trucking along since last October, but today the company finally flipped the switch. The new platform is the culmination of two years of work, following a $38.5 million investment made by Index Ventures and Accel Partners back in 2010.

Included in the overhaul is practically everything but the kitchen sink. A brief summary, from today’s announcement: Read More

Blog Lords

WordPress Must Like the Looks of Tumblr Because It Just Added a ‘Follow’ Button


There must be something in the water. First Facebook announced it would formalize its stalking function with a subscription feature. And today WordPress announced it will be adding a follow feature to give users another way to subscribe to a blog, in the hopes of driving traffic. It looks like Tumblr’s “follow” button only further down the page–and ends up in your inbox. Read More

Startup News: Tinyproj,, Foursquare, New Work City and an Automattic Party


ROLLING ALONG. “We are excited to announce there has been over 1,000,000 friendships made on Rolling.FM since our launch a little over a month ago!  Our platform has definitely become the music AND social discovery platform,” writes cofounder Nhon Ma in an email. Rolling is launching more social features–like “buy a drink,” whereby which users will be able to buy old and new friends “drinks,” and the enhanced profile browser to “view others’ playlist, photos, etc.”

I LAUNCHED DIS. Meet Tinyproj, an experiment from the prolific Kyle Bragger. “Hello. Tinyproj connects talented developers, designers, illustrators, and copywriters with folks who need a hand with paid, short-term* projects.”

IGNITE IT AGAIN. “Ignite NYC’s on 10/10. We will be announcing speakers this week. We have a room of 1,600 to fill, the largest evaaarrr!” Read More

Stop The Tumblrs

Tumblr, Age 4, Hosts as Many Blogs as WordPress, Age 8. Can We Stop Comparing Them Now?


Welp, Tumblr has caught up to WordPress, Mark Coatney said during an NPR interview yesterday. Tumblr has been hot on WordPress’s trail for a while; now both free blogging platforms host or power about 20 million blogs. “Tumblr now has about the same amount of bloggers as WordPress:  But which ones get more traffic? Guessing the latter,” tweeted social media wunderkind Vadim Lavrusik, formerly of Mashable, now media liaison for Facebook.

We say, who cares? We’re sick of hearing this comparison. Juxtaposing Tumblr and WordPress is like comparing Apple to Read More