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Almost Half of All Gamers Are Women So Stop Calling Us Bitches on Xbox Live

(Proof: playstationlifestyle.net)

The next time someone calls you the c-word on XBox Live, politely remind them of this neat little factoid: nearly half of all gamers are actually women, according to a new report published by CNN.

The report, crafted by the Entertainment Software association and titled “2013 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry”, states that “45% of all game players, and 46% of the most frequent purchasers of games, are female. Adult women make up 31% of the game-playing population.” Read More

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Sexism in Gaming ‘Isn’t a Joke or a Meme,’ Says a Gaming Tournament Founder, Finally

(Photo: IGN)

As a pretty avid Xbox aficianado and also a person with two X chromosomes, this Betabeat reporter was unsurprised to read in the New York Times today about the seriousness of sexism in gaming culture. We gave up using a mic on Xbox Live long ago, the slew of vicious insults hurled at us just for having a girly voice not worth it when we could happily kick friends’ asses on local co-op mode, no slurs necessary.

But the Times‘s piece hammers home just how rampant the degradation is, and it’s pretty jarring. In one video clip embedded in the article, a female gamer’s coach threatens to “smell her” as punishment for losing a round in Cross Assault. It’s not the creepiest thing we’ve ever seen, but it comes damn close.
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iPad Investigation Shows How Often Ladies Check Out Your Biceps and Undercarriage [Video]


It reassures some people to relegate women to the “fairer sex,” a daintier species given to bursts of song or lasting relationships built on meaningful connections and looking deep into their partner’s eyes. But as ThinkModo, the attention-courting ad firm behind the iPad Girl stunt and Central Park proposal hoax, found out in a jaunt through the city, actually, on occasion, women are inclined to look elsewhere. Science-ish! Read More