Booting Up: Turns Out Tech Companies Love Cities Edition

Good morning, sunshine! (Photo:

Bloggers: If you must accept a free plane ticket, be sure to get an old-fashioned, non-refundable paper return ticket, too. [The Next Web]

Wolfram Alpha now offers personal Facebook analytics, for the ultra-obsessed and the assiduous builders of their personal brands out there. [The Verge]

Okay, who told Richard Florida about Silicon Alley? Now we’ll never hear the end of it. [Wall Street Journal]

Good news: If you’re an ebook buyer, you’re eventually going to get a tiny refund. Bad news: It’ll be about 25 cents per book, and it’ll likely take years. [Paid Content]

The founder of The Pirate Bay has reportedly been arrested in Cambodia. [TorrentFreak]

The Tao of Steve

Siri’s Knowledge Engine, Wolfram Alpha, Was Once Pegged As a Google Killer


Business Insider put up a post today introducing folks to Wolfram Alpha, the “mind-blowing intelligence service that powers Siri.” How quickly the kids forget!

Wolfram Alpha actually went live back in 2009, and roughly oh about 98.7 percent of the press at the time had some version of WOLFRAM ALPHA: GOOGLE KILLER WHA??!!!. That’s because Wolfram Alpha bypassed scanning keywords for natural language search.This was before Ashton Kutcher invested in Blekko, before Steve Ballmer even previewed Bing online. Read More