They See Me Trollin'

Triumphs in Trolling: Scammer Gets Punked by a Tech-Savvy Mark

Basically. (Photo: MTV)

In recent days the FTC has announced a crackdown on a particularly pernicious type of scheme: Scammers who call you up, out of the blue, purporting to be from “Windows Technical Support.”¬†They tell you your computer is lousy with viruses, talk you into giving them remote access, then charge you hundreds of dollars to “fix” it.

If you’re computer savvy enough to be reading this blog, you’d probably see right through this nonsense, but you’re not the target audience for this scam–it’s your unsuspecting, eBay-loving Nana.

Every now and then, though, they call up someone who’s a little more cognizant of how security works.¬† Read More