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Instagram’s New App for Windows Phones Doesn’t Really Do Much

Well, it looks cute. (Photo: Verge/Instagram)

Like throwing a Real Housewives cast party without any wine, Instagram today released a version for Windows Phones that is devoid of any useful features.

First, the newly released app doesn’t let users snap pictures, rather they have to be uploaded from the phone’s camera roll. Another key feature missing is the ability to upload videos, so we’re just going to have imagine what your slowly disappearing piece of french toast looks like. The Verge notes that users can’t tag people or view that little-used map of your geotagged pictures. Read More

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You Now Have the Option of Rendering Your Windows Phone Even More Useless, With ‘Driving Mode’

Why black? (Photo: Microsoft)

Without texting or snapping, operating a motor vehicle down a highway at 70 miles per hour is pretty boring. What else is there to do aside from be on your phone? Well, the brain trust at Microsoft believes that you should pay attention to the road, so in all three dozen of its Windows phones sold, it’s installing a feature that turns off all the useful parts of your phone. Read More


Make Hundreds of Dollars Off Microsoft, AT&T and Nokia Bending Over Backwards to Sell Windows Phones

The Nokia Lumia 900.

The first flagship Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 900, comes out on April 8th; and because the companies behind it are so eager to get people to try a Windows phone after decades of besmirching that brand, they’re discounting it massively. This enormous, beautiful, and somewhat revolutionary phone costs $449-$499 without a plan, but you can get it at AT&T for $99. Walmart has it for free if you don’t already have AT&T service and $49 if you do.

What this means for you, unsavory person, is that you can take advantage of the “generosity” of these companies and make possibly a couple hundred dollars. Read More