The Machines

The Crowdwire Aims to Make Sense of Twitter’s Tower of Political Babel

Mr. Powers (Photo: Bluefin)

With the Republican and Democratic conventions just days away, the presidential election is kicking into high gear, and suddenly everyone in your Twitter and Facebook feeds are self-appointed pundits. This isn’t the first election cycle supercharged by the existence of social media, but there’s more people online posting more content than ever–which makes all that sentiment both more valuable and more difficult to parse.

Enter The Crowdwire, a new effort devoted to making sense of all that chatter.

“This is the biggest conversation, in essence, that the world has ever known,” William Powers, the project head, told Betabeat. “There are now a couple of billion comments a week in social media. So how do you get your arms around that? How do you make sense of that? How do you make it more than just a Tower of Babel?” Read More