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Startup Born on Fred Wilson’s Blog Raises $540K Seed Round, Heads to New York

Mr. Mougayar.

It took just four months for Engagio to go from a conversation between Fred Wilson and William Mougayar to a funded startup, and about six weeks of that was spent drawing up the legal documents. Mr. Mougayar, founder of the content aggregator Equentia and a frequent commenter at Mr. Wilson’s blog, was trying to solve the “scattered comments” problem. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the comments feed on our favorite sites have become their own inboxes. Engagio aggregates these conversations into a searchable social media inbox that shows all your incoming and outgoing comments as well as more information about who you’re talking to.

“The whole thing was more or less conceived on Fred’s blog, and it came as a result of my involvement as a frequent commenter not just on his blog but elsewhere,” Mr. Mougayar said in a phone call with Betabeat this morning. “I believe in commenting as a value element because it’s not just commenting, it’s conversations and I have developed relationships with people that I have started to comment with.” Read More