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Barnes and Noble’s Nook Sales Suggest Microsoft Has Bet on the Wrong Horse Once Again

Look upon my works ye mighty and despair. (Photo:

The numbers are in for Barnes and Noble’s most recent quarter, and matters could definitely be better. Let’s put it this way: When a company’s bottom line is bouyed by the runaway popularity of a raunchy romance–rather than by sales of the devices to which it’s devoted a ludicrous amount of in-store floor space–it’s probably not a particularly encouraging sign.

It’s got to be especially discouraging, however, for Microsoft. Back in April, the company agreed to invest $300 million in “NEWCO,” the subsidiary Barnes and Noble is creating from its Nook and college businesses. We can’t imagine the staid software company entered into the agreement in hopes of receiving a BDSM boost to its bottom line.

Here’s the spin that Barnes and Noble CEO William Lynch put on the company’s earnings, chirping away about the¬†50 Shades¬†frenzy: Read More