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Indie Bike Sharing Service Spinlister Raises $225K with $220K More on the Way

Mr. Dennis (Spinlister)

Spinlister, the mom-and-pop peer-to-peer bike sharing program that launched in April, has closed a $225,000 round, according to cofounder Will Dennis.

We first spotted the fundraising on Form Ds, but Mr. Dennis said the $225,000 actually closed back in March. “The reason we wanted to fundraise is to make sure we had appropriate insurance and legal stuff in place, because we wanted to make sure everyone who was using our service would be protected,” Mr. Dennis told Betabeat by phone. “We’re also looking to hire an iPhone developer as well as another backend engineer.” Read More

Sharing is Caring

Bike Sharing Service Spinlister Launching in New York April 1st

Mr. Dennis with his beloved bike, The Blue Lady Killer. (

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to go to Paris, you may have noticed that many of the effortlessly posh locals get around town on matching bikes. It’s not some hip bike brand they’re advertising, it’s actually Vélib’, Paris’s public bike sharing program launched by Mayor Bertrand Delanoë in 2007.

Spinlister, a startup founded by New York entrepreneur Will Dennis, takes that idea and turns it on its head. Instead of a large-scale public bike rental system, why not a peer-to-peer bike rental marketplace? Read More