Data Thieves

Signal-Blocking Phone Case Might Keep the Government From Finding You, You Special Snowflake

For sale. (Photo:

A new phone case promises to protect your mobile device better than a refrigerator does, according to VentureBeat.

The OFF Pocket is “Untrackable. Unhackable. Undistractable,” its website insists. It blocks 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, keeping prying eyes away from your data and also pretttttty much turning your phone into a paper weight. Read More


Mad Hacker Reportedly Creating Some Furby-Like Super-Gadget

Can't stop, won't stop. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Tear up your Christmas lists, folks, because Intel director of creative innovation has got everyone covered, forever.

Metro reports that recently, he was wandering through Harrod’s (as one does), presumably having the chillest day. That’s when serendipity struck: He happened upon “a little stuffed animal.” Next to it: a speaker, then, a MiFi wireless box. The wheels in his head started to turn: Read More

Metro Tech

MTA Debuts Cell and Wifi Service at 30 Stations to Distract You From Late Trains

~Waiting on the world to change. (Photo: Flickr)

Now social media editors can finally afford to leave their desks and shower. The MTA is announcing later today that it’s rolling out cell and Wifi service to 30 additional subway stops, including Times Square, Columbus Circle, and Rockefeller Center. Prior to today, the only stations that offered the free service included the C & E platform at 23rd Street, two stops on the L line, and several platforms at the 14th Street station. Read More

Strange Bedfellows

Taters on a Plane: Boeing Engineers Use Potatoes To Test In-Flight Wifi

Let us praise the lowly tater. (flickr/graibeard)

The list of things that go well with potatoes is almost endless. We can prove that by noting that now that list even includes wifi. Boeing engineers, in an effort to improve wifi transmission during flight, have been using tons of potatoes to test connectivity and signal distribution.

Boeing uses truckloads of Idaho’s finest because humans apparently have a lot more in common with potatoes than just a tendency to sit there on the couch: Read More