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Not Bad for a Hack


WhoWorks.At, the Chrome extension that shows you who you know at a company based on the domain you’re browsing and your social graph, started off as a little baby hack, created by New York City expat John Britton for Startup Weekend. The app went on to further development by the hackstars of speed-development shop @48HOURapps.┬áNow, the app is a featured application in the Chrome Web Store, has 2,940 users, 95 reviews and a five star average. It is still free.

Who Knew: Companies Listen When 10,000 Developers Say They Want an API


Well, that may be a bit of a stretch. But when local developer John Britton posted this request on the LinkedIn developer forums to centralize the developer demand for a company search API, the thread got 50 comments and more than 10,000 views. And although it wasn’t the first time someone had complained about the lack of a company search function, this time LinkedIn added the feature less than two months after Mr. Britton’s request on April 17: Read More