The Future of the Ebook

British Bookstore Shuts Down to Scrub Self-Published Dad Porn from Site

(MIKE CLARKE/AFP/Getty Images)

Have you tried searching Amazon for anything other than a specific book lately? Don’t, because your results will be clogged with crap. Try finding a half-decent romance novel and it’ll become instantly clear why GoodReads has gotten so popular–keyword searches are full of poorly written pornography with hideous covers.

But the flood of poorly vetted self-published work poses much, much bigger problems for booksellers. Take, for instance, British bookseller W.H. Smith, which was recently found to be carrying titles like Daddy Rapes the Virgin Daughter in the Attic and Amber’s Rape By Her Parolee Father. A search for “daddy” would return eye-searing results, inspiring a shitstorm across the pond in the U.K. Read More