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The Twitter Flash Mob Is the Best Way to Troll Strangers Online

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This being a snow week, everything is slow as eff. The trains, the news, our brains. So why not pick up a new Twitter trolling hobby to make the time pass until life returns to normal and you can leave the house in non hideous shoes again?

We were alerted last night to weird tweet purveyor @Fred_Delicious’s devious plan to bombard the most mundane tweets with as many faves as possible. Read More


Booting Up: The Wall Street Journal Has Discovered Weird Twitter

(Photo: Twitter)

Members of Congress know as little about what the NSA’s up to as American citizens do. [The Guardian]

Here, have some unsolicited advice about how to solve the tech talent shortage from airplane aficionado Henry Blodget. [Business Insider]

Barry Diller has finally unloaded Newsweek onto IBT Media, but is keeping the Daily Beast in the IAC fold. [L.A. Times]

The Obama administration has vetoed a product ban on Apple that would mean the company couldn’t sell certain types of iPads and iPhones in the U.S. [New York Times]

“A part of a burgeoning Twitter subculture known as Weird Twitter, he is speaking in a purposefully nonsensical code that is meant to satirize the growing presence of corporate brands and marketers on the popular social network.” This is going to be a long week. [Wall Street Journal]