Quantify Me

This Smart Wristband Will Count Your Calories For You, You Lazy Oaf

Day Five: Salad again. (Photo: Getairo.com)

We’ve gathered there are two components to dieting: eating healthy food, and keeping track of it. Sadly, neither the first nor the second step is much fun. A new smart wristband is setting out to make the second part a little bit easier, though.

The AIRO wristband “uses tiny LEDs on [its] underside to detect metabolites in the bloodstream, which means it can break down the nutritional intake of your food,” PSFK reports. The wristband can divvy up the sludge you’ve shoveled into your body into protein, fat and carbohydrates. It can’t tell the difference between simple and complex carbs, PSFK says, but hey, neither can anyone else. Read More

Let's Not Get Physical

In the Future, We Can ‘Exercise’ By Lying Motionless on the Couch

Go for it. (Photo: Setiusa.us)

Some zany scientists claim that in the future, we’ll be able to lose weight by taking a pill and not actually moving. No, they’re not talking about Adderall.

Two new studies “investigate the enticing possibility” of such a drug, the New York Times reports, although “there remains the question of whether such a move is wise.” Probably the only people who would question the wisdom of never having to work out again are Vibram-wearing freaks. But we digress. Read More