Booting Up: All Innovation Everything

(Photo: Mike MIka)

Weird guys spying on women through their webcams sounds like something your dad made up in high school to keep you from getting a MacBook. Actually, it’s very real–and very creepy. [Ars Technica]

Some awww for your Monday morning: a dad hacked Donkey Kong so that his daughter could play as Paulina and rescue Mario. Who run the world? [Reddit]

“In fact, ‘innovation’ is something of a magic word around here, shape-shifting to fit the speaker’s immediate needs.”¬†Finally someone fucking said it. [San Francisco Chronicle]

If you can’t catch a cab at SXSW, employees of ride-sharing service Lyft will give you a piggy back ride. Gimmicky! [AllThingsD]

Hookup app Grindr is responsible for revolutionizing the way we connect with each other? Sure why not. [New York Times]

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For Her 125th Birthday, the Statue of Liberty Gets Webcams on Her Torch

Can't code? Turn around. (Photo: Wikimedia)

What do you give a 125-year-old oxidized green statue for her birthday? Webcams, of course! This coming Friday, to commemorate the dedication of the Statue of Liberty on October 28, 1886, five cameras will be switch on in the monument’s torch, which stands about 305 feet off the ground.

The webcams will allow any internet user to “gaze out at New York Harbor and read the tablet in her hands or see visitors on the grounds of the island below in real time,” reports the Associated Press. Those views have been unavailable to the public since 1916. Read More