Foursquare Debuts Explore Feature For Web In Push to Become City Guide

explore for web

Foursquare is bringing its “Explore” feature to its website today, hoping that users will turn to them when planning a trip abroad or finding the perfect sushi spot for a first date.

Alex Rainert, Head of Product, foursquare: The explore feature on mobile was really about helping users discover what was going on right around them right now. The desktop interface is way better for mapping things out and making plans when you’re hoping to travel somewhere. We also think it gives a unique perspective into a place, because you don’t have to search just for a certain kind of restaurent or venue. You can look for any word or term and Explore will scan through our huge library of tips for a match. (Betabeat recommends searching “sweaty” and “bonkers” when looking for the best dance party in Brooklyn) Read More