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Emmy Award-Winning Internet Fame Professors Debut New Video Service, VHX

VHX boys

For a long time, web video platforms didn’t treat viewing the same way as traditional TV. Each clip was an autonomous unit. Maybe users got a few recommendations after they finished watching a video, but there was no sense of a continuous curated stream of entertainment like there is while watching network TV.

VHX, which launched today, is looking to use your social network to program your web video watching. Users open the service up to their contacts on Gmail, Facebook and Twitter, then get a dashboard of videos pulled from the friends they are following. Read More

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Classing it Up, About.com Tries to Dodge Spam


Here’s an interesting shift. While many content farms are expanding their pace and even going public, About.com is trying to step into the world of premium video.

The plan is to double the kind of high quality videos that are increasingly the long trail revenue drivers. This is similar to Youtube, which is spending $100 million to launch 20 channels with focuses on art, sports and entertainment, as well as celebrity driven specials.  Read More

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Kiefer’s Very Small Screen Debut

the confession

In the basement of the Crosby Street Hotel, Kiefer Sutherland munched on a miniature hamburger. He was wearing a gray blazer and pointy cowboy boots and bestowing hugs. “This all started with a challenge, which was to tell a story in five minutes,” he said. Read More