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Even Hot Models Look Kind of Dorky in Google Glasses

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This could soon be you! (Google Plus)

A few months ago, following a cyborg attack in a Parisian McDonalds, we predicted that Google would be the first to market with computer glasses, but that Apple would take its time perfecting a beautiful, sleek prototype that would automatically become the emblem for hipness everywhere. Now, it looks like Google is trying to head off that theory by incorporating the Project Glass prototype into a New York Fashion Week show. Face computers are super glam, you guys. Read More

The Future Will See You Now

Wearable Computing is on the Rise, And Soon It Will Read Your Thoughts

In the future, wearable computing will hopefully look less dorky. (Photo: Science Daily)

Good news for Ray Kurzweil and his fawning, would-be immortal groupies: wearable computing like the Nike fuel band and Google’s Project Glass are basically sentient technologies, so we should be merging our souls with robots any day now.

Network World published an in-depth look at the future of wearable computing yesterday, and apparently many analysts believe wearable devices will be a dominant industry within the next three years. And not only that, but technologies like vibrating tattoos and video goggles will eventually learn our basic wants and needs, predicting and serving our desires without us programming them to do so.

And so it begins. Read More