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Pentagon Chief Weapons Tester: Almost All Military Programs Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks

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As the President pushes dated cybersecurity legislation and Band-Aid solutions, the Department of Defense reminds us that we have much bigger threats to our cybersecurity than shared our HBO Go passwords.

After a year of running dozens of tests and simulations on over 40 military weapons systems, Pentagon Director of Operations Test and Evaluation (DOT&E) Michael Gilmore found that almost all of them have some kind of major cybersecurity weakness.

“Cyber adversaries have become as serious a threat to U.S. military forces as the air, land, sea, and undersea threats represented in operational testing for decades,” Mr. Gilmore wrote in his annual report for 2014. “Any electronic data exchange, however brief, provides an opportunity for a determined and skilled cyber adversary to monitor, interrupt, or damage information and combat systems.” Read More

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New Organ Destroying “R.I.P.” Bullet Has Completely Sold Out

The new R.I.P. bullets. (Facebook)

Nobody wanted to buy segways, but a deadly new copper bullet “designed to take out all your vital organs” has completely sold out. Cool, ‘Murica.

Georgia’s G2 Research has developed a bullet called the “Radically Invasive Projectile,” or—ugh—R.I.P. for short, The Blaze reports. The R.I.P., which is being marketed as the “last round you’ll ever need,” “travels at 1265 feet per second and enters a target with devastating force,” an advertisement says. “The R.I.P. then seperates [sic] into 9 distinct wound channels inside the target.” Read More