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Post a Job at the New We Are NY Tech Job Board, Launching in 94 Hours

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We Are NY Tech, the site that every day since November has featured a new profile of someone–developers, designers, founders and so on–is rolling out its branded jobs site in a week. Unprofitable start-ups can post for $25, profitable companies can post for $200, and “beyond profitable” banks can post for $10,000 (LOLz). The posts expire in a month.

Employers can submit listings now. “I’m working on compiling the listings now so the board launches with open jobs,” co-creator Matt Shampine said.  Read More

The Start-Up Rundown

Start-Up News: Summer Parties! Plus Oyster.com, GroupMe & Fanbridge


Summery/summary news from New York’s start-up scene.

OYSTER REVIVAL. Oyster.com, the start-up that flamed out after its model of sending reviewers to photograph and secret shop hotels one-by-one proved hellishly expensive and unscalable AND THEN recently bounced back with new funding and partnership with the Travel Channel, has launched the “first-ever photo-powered hotel search engine.” Oyster Shots “is a seamless way to explore Oyster.com’s quickly growing database of exclusive, high-resolution, undoctored photos of vacation destinations around the world.”

INAUGURAL EAST VILLAGE TECH MEETUP: Betabeat runs into founders and techies in the East Village on the regular and it’s arguably the neighborhood with the richest Foursquare data, so we’re surprised that this never existed before. So no surprised that 71 techies have RSVP’ed. Little worried about the capacity at d.b.a., where the meetup is happening Thursday at 6 p.m., though. Read More