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Please God Don’t Let ‘Milking’ Become a Thing

Taylor would never (Photo:

Oh god. Fresh out of the U.K. and the dairy aisle comes “Milking,” a new internet craze. To be a “milker,” one must stand in a public place and dump an entire jug of milk over one’s head. It’s an extraordinary waste of food and time, but kind of amazing to watch in the worst kind of way.

But what is it with wasting dairy products for the sake of some public reactions? Is “coning,” the act of sticking anĀ ice cream cone onto your head while going through a drive-through to blame? This is the worst Internet trend since planking. Read More

The Third Degree

Gawker’s Ryan Tate On How You Can Do 20 Percent Time Better Than The GOOG

Mr. Tate

After years of reading Ryan Tate’s piercing coverage on the free time and foibles of Silicon Valley’s demigods at Gawker, Betabeat finally had the pleasure of making his acquaintance the other night. Spoiler alert: He might be the nicest dude in tech blogging, despite what the press releases regurgitation factories would have you think. Mr. Tate’s former pen pal Steve Jobs probably put it best: “He’s no dummy.”

We also had a chance to peruse his new book “The 20% Doctrine: How Tinkering, Goofing Off, and Breaking the Rules at Work Drive Success in Business,” which takes its title and subject matter from Google’s much-admired practice of letting employees spent a fifth of their work week building whatever they want to. Like, say, multi-billion dollar revenue streams like AdSense or lifelines like Gmail. Read More